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China is highly vulnerable to Covid-19 because "Chinese leaders made a huge, politically motivated mistake" by barring "the import of Western-made mRNA vaccines (including Pfizer and Moderna) for citizens." They touted their own inferior vaccines instead.

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Pfizer licking their lips 😂😂

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Hope for long Covid sufferers as Pfizer antiviral for patients left with lingering symptoms trialed

Teen’s Death 3 Weeks After Pfizer Vaccine Triggers Investigation

Updated boosters rolled out by Pfizer and rival Moderna in September have been a hard sell for vaccine-weary Americans.

Almost two-thirds of Australians believe the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic is behind them despite a new wave of infections, research by Pfizer suggests

When it comes to achieving excellent customer experiences in a post-pandemic world, “At the moment, we are still somewhat in reactive mode, by necessity,” says Eddie Power, VP NA Medical Affairs, Pfizer. Read this latest whitepaper to discover they key to medical-commercial co...

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promoting satan and child sacrifice. People like Baba post this garbage while promoting pfizer at the same time. Absolutely, it's all satanic filth.

A Canadian study suggests cases of heart muscle inflammation related to COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are rare but higher than expected among young men who got a second dose of Moderna compared with those who were administered Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine.


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Myocarditis after Covid vaccination: Pfizer and Moderna are tracking adverse health effects, if any, that may appear in the years following a diagnosis of vaccine-associated heart problems.

Pfizer has now admitted they did not test whether the COVID vaccines prevented transmission before releasing them. That didn't stop them from making false claims about stopping transmission. Apparently, the Biden administration knew this and promoted mandates. That's hideous.

"Using a three-dose vaccine in 992 children between the ages of six months and five years, Pfizer found no statistically significant evidence of vaccine efficacy.”   Nevertheless, the CDC went on to recommend 3 vaccines for children.  

Pfizer executive admits COVID-19 vaccine was never tested to prevent transmission: 'This is scandalous'

My brother’s triple-jabbed - the third one was Pfizer 3-4 wks ago. He’s just got covid & feels ‘rough’ & is isolating. Had a Xmas meal out with a load of mates last Friday - all of them vaccinated - 17 out of 21 of them have now tested positive.

What company is making the Biden administration crack pipes? I gotta buy that stock… I don’t want to miss out like I did on Moderna and Pfizer!

Breaking News: The FDA authorized Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine for emergency use, clearing the way for millions of highly vulnerable Americans to get it within days.

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The vaccine shortage doesn't need to exist. Pfizer and Moderna could share their design with the dozens of other pharma companies who stand ready to produce their vaccines and end the pandemic.


Who really benefitted from Trump's tax cuts? Pfizer --> Donations to GOP: $16M Tax Cut Received: $39B GE--> Donations to GOP: $20M Tax Cut Received: $16B Chevron--> Donations to GOP: $13M Tax Cut Received: $9B It's socialism for the rich in exchange for campaign $$$