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'Weekend Update' roasts Pete Davidson and Colin Jost for buying a Staten Island ferry

For about 24 hours, it was a New York City mystery: Who would pay more than $280,000 for a 57-year-old Staten Island Ferry boat whose engines don’t work? The answer turned out to be Pete Davidson and Colin Jost, two cast members of “Saturday Night Live.”

'Weekend Update' roasts Pete Davidson and Colin Jost for buying a Staten Island ferry

Colin Jost and Pete Davidson bought a decommissioned Staten Island Ferry, along with The Stand comedy-club co-owner Paul Italia. They plan to turn it into a live entertainment space and event venue with comedy, art, and food

Pete Davidson and Colin Jost joke about buying Staten Island Ferry boat during Weekend Update on 'SNL'

16-year-old miniature pinscher Whiskey might not have much time left, but he’s still a faithful companion to Pete Sztybel — and a partner in an unusual quest.

St. Pete man killed after car hits tree off I-275

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'SNL' comics Colin Jost, Pete Davidson buy Staten Island Ferry boat

Nailed it Pete! Jimmy was a lucky man. He made numerous bad throws.


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So our friends lost their sweet setter Pete today. He and some other dogs surprised a black bear while on a hike. Pete bravely protected the rest of the crew who got to safety. Pete later succumbed to his injuries. He was an older guy and went out a true hero. RIP PETE THE HERO!

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This is why @FoxNews  daytime and weekend daytime have lost their ratings. They are abysmal having @alfredenewman1  (pete'>Mayor Pete of Indiana’s most unsuccessful city, by far!) on more than Republicans. Many great alternatives are forming & exist. Try @OANN  & @newsmax , among others!

Pete Rose played Major League Baseball for 24 seasons, from 1963-1986, and had more hits, 4,256, than any other player (by a wide margin). He gambled, but only on his own team winning, and paid a decades long price. GET PETE ROSE INTO THE BASEBALL HALL OF FAME. It’s Time!

Crazy Bernie Sanders is not a fighter. He gives up too easy! The Dem establishment gets Alfred E. Newman (pete'>Mayor Pete) & @amyklobuchar  to quit & endorse Sleepy Joe BEFORE Super Tuesday, & gets Pocahontas to stay in the race, taking thousands of votes from Bernie. He would have....

pete'>Congrats Mayor Pete on your upcoming CNN contributor gig which we all know you’re getting because all they hire are disgraced former Obama officials and failed democrat presidential candidates. #Congrats 

Unlike Pete Buttigieg I don't have 40 billionaires contributing to my campaign from the pharmaceutical industry and Wall Street. We have 1.5 million hard-working Americans who want real change. #DemDebate 

Pete Buttigieg is OUT. All of his SuperTuesday votes will go to Sleepy Joe Biden. Great timing. This is the REAL beginning of the Dems taking Bernie out of play - NO NOMINATION, AGAIN!

“It was amazing to watch three days of arguments dismantled in two hours.” @PeteHegseth  @foxandfriends 

Uh, Pete, they weren’t “caught in the middle.” They were shot down BY IRAN. Military incompetence by the leading state sponsor of terrorism. Just because Dems hate Trump doesn’t justify false equivalence w/ Iran. Soleimani was a brutal terrorist who killed hundreds of Americans.