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#UPteachers appointed before April 1, 2005 entitled to benefit under old pension scheme: #AllahabadHC 

Know annuity and pension corpus pre-conditions.

Applyboard has raised $300 milli­on at an enterprise valuation of $3.2 billion led by Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan Board thro­ugh its Teachers' Innovation Platf­orm in the latest funding round #Applyboard  #Funding  #Canada 

Worcester city council approves order requesting drowned police officer’s family receive pension

What is PSERS? A look inside the Pa. pension fund being investigated by the FBI

Many pension-saver clients are abandoning the formula -- particularly the 40% bond component.

The Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority #PFRDA ) has allowed subscribers to withdraw the entire accumulated pension wealth without purchasing annuity if the pension corpus is less than Rs 5 lakh

PR judiciary association files objection to disclosure statement asserting it differs from other govt pension systems & enjoys special protection as separate branch of govt. Doesnt support pension cuts which conflicts w/ Retiree Comm position #muniland 

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On this week's The Muni Lowdown, Caitlin Devitt discusses Harvey, IL, in court fighting, police and fire pension funds, bondholders and Chicago. Later, Greg Clark summarizes his report on the Electric Reliability Council of Texas .


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#BBCAfricaEye exposes a corrupt pension system in Nigeria - one that leaves some elderly people sick and penniless, yet grants some politicians inflated retirement packages. Meet the ‘Ghost Pensioners’ – elderly people who the state declared dead and deprived of their pensions.

pension'>Family Pension under ESIC and EPFO- Employees’ Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme will provide a financial cushion to those families who have lost their earning member due to COVID-19. GOI stands in solidarity with these families.

In Denmark, the average worker in McDonald's makes $22 an hour, receives 6 weeks of paid vacation, 1 year of paid family leave, life insurance and a pension. Yes. If McDonald's workers in Denmark can have a decent standard of living, we can do it in the U.S. #McDonaldsStrike 

McDonald’s worker in the US: $9/hr McDonald’s worker in Denmark: $22/hr, 6 weeks of annual vacation, a union, 1 year of paid family leave, life insurance and pension. America must join the rest of the industrialized world and ensure that our working class can live with dignity.

Is everyone fine with paying millions of dollars annually in pension, office, staff and other expenses for an ex-President who may still be plotting to take down our democracy?

Call me old-fashioned but I don't think a president who incites a coup against the U.S. government deserves a $200,000 pension for the rest of his life, along with a million-dollar travel budget, all financed by U.S. taxpayers. Just sayin.

In Denmark, starting pay at McDonald’s is about $22 an hour. The workers there get six weeks of paid vacation, a year’s paid maternity leave and a pension plan. Like all Danes, they enjoy universal medical insurance and paid sick leave. This is what a civilized society is about.

BREAKING: A federal appeals court ruled in our case that President Trump’s attempt to transfer billions of dollars in military pay and pension funds for border wall construction is unlawful.

...But, just like the people of West Virginia will no longer look at weak & pathetic Joe Manchin the same (I got the Pension Bill approved, Manchin couldn’t do it), the wonderful people of Utah will never look at “grandstander” Mitt Romney with anything but contempt & disgust!

Corona restrictions causing terrible financial stress to poor. Following decisions taken to provide them relief- 1. Rs 4000- 5000 pension will be paid to 8.5 lakh beneficiaries by 7 Apr 2. Free rations, with 50% more quantity than normal entitlements, to 72 lakh beneficiaries