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Yes, that is Patrick Star between the uprights. 😀 📺: #SFvsDAL  on @nickelodeon 

Rumor has it that Travis Kelce will be in attendance!😮 Come hungry, we will be grilling out. Patrick Mahomes says he's got the ketchup covered.

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Have no fear Spongebob & Patrick... Sandy is here to give you the breakdown on #SuperWildCard  Weekend! 📺: #SFvsDAL  on @Nickelodeon 

Brady game. Then a Garoppolo game. Then a Mahomes game. All the takez…right in a row for your viewing [dis]pleasure. Excellent day for #Patriots  fans to take down the Christmas lights instead…

Oooh. Is Sydney married to Patrick Dempsey's character from Scream 3? #Scream  via

Patrick Smith, a former Army staff sergeant, was awarded the Purple Heart for his service during Operation Iraqi Freedom III, during a ceremony held on Jan. 3, 2022. Read more:

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Here's a look at everything from odds, over/under, playoff history, weather, TV channel, radio stations, Big Ben, Mahomes, and more.

'Political progressives are never going to forgive Boris Johnson for Brexit' ✍️ Patrick O'Flynn

Patrick Kane Is Starting to Heat Up as Blackhawks Win Fourth Straight

Patrick Murphy: Sinn Féin’s popularity shows that public relations beats logic #premium 


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Oceanographers found the real-life SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star hanging out together on a rock at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

"If the other three police officers who were standing around when George Floyd was murdered had thought about intervening like what we did, George Floyd would be alive today." Patrick Hutchinson, who was pictured carrying a protestor to safety at violent demo says what happened.

Brady and Mahomes playing in the Super Bowl

VP Pence said Officer Dave Patrick Underwood was “killed during the riots in Oakland.” He didn’t say the Officer was killed by a suspected member of the Boogaloo Boys, which if anything are more affiliated with the far right.

I know I'm not meant to look at them but these messages still hit me so hard man. This is a child!!! "You are a fucking monkey", "Cunt coon monkey nigger". Direct message to me from Patrick O'Brien on IG. This kid as a direct line into me & is able to send this without any worry.

Had a great call with Catholic Leaders and Educators earlier today. I will be online tomorrow at 10:15 A.M. (Eastern) for Sunday Mass celebrated by @CardinalDolan  at St. Patrick’s Cathedral@StPatsNYC ) in New York City. Join me:

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Chiefs and QB Patrick Mahomes have reached agreement on a 10-year -- 10-year! -- contract extension that ties him to Kansas City through the 2031 season, league sources tell ESPN.

1. Several law-abiding African Americans have been murdered by rioters, including David Dorn and David Patrick Underwood.  I looked at LeBron James’s twitter site.  He says nothing about them.

MAHOMES AND KANSAS CITY HAVE DONE IT. The Chiefs are Super Bowl champions.

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