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Next month will mark 34 years since 36-year-old Patricia Howell Jacobs’ body was found in the Neches River in Port Arthur, Texas. Daniel Andrew MacGinnis, 63, entered a guilty plea Tuesday for her murder and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Guerrero: If Newsom wants to be the anti-Trump, here's his chance (via @latimesopinion )

GOOD LUCK! 🤗 A woman from Fairfax, Va. is getting her chance to spin the @WheelofFortune . Patricia Daniel will be appearing on Friday's episode! 🎡📺 Where to watch:

$PCGU [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Chief Executive Officer Poppe Patricia K: Delivered securities 57,396 of Common Stock at price $13.11 on 2022-09-22, decreased holding by 8% to 646,791 shares

Patricia Prewitt, a self-described “elderly lifer” in Missouri, cherishes the books that corrections officials allow her to read — and chafes against prison rules that keep books out. From @PENamerica :

@PatriciaPCL #GucciTwinsburg  has begun and is now streaming live!

The earthquake caused damage to buildings and a landslide on the highway that connects Michoacán and Guerrero with the coast.

$WAL [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Director Arvielo Patricia L.: Granted 2,142 of Common Stock at price $0 on 2022-09-20, holding 2,142 shares


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"Michelle Obama, our beloved First Lady that I care so much about, said: 'When they go low, we go high.' And I went as high as I could." — Therese Patricia Okoumou

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Therese Patricia Okoumou was released from police custody. She was arrested yesterday after scaling the Statue of Liberty to protest ICE.

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Dr. Roy Guerrero, a pediatrician in Uvalde, Texas, described to Congress seeing children so "pulverized" and "decapitated" by bullets "that the only clue as to their identities was their blood-spattered cartoon clothes still clinging to them."

Dr. Roy Guerrero, a pediatrician in Uvalde, Texas, described to Congress the horrors he saw in an emergency room after the massacre, including children "pulverized" and "decapitated" by bullets. "Those mothers' cries, I will never get out of my head."

'ANG DUMI PO NG QUESTION NA YAN.' Ana Patricia Non criticized a media question on whether she has communist links. @dnvrdelrosario 

15 years ago today, Eddie Guerrero upset Brock Lesnar for the WWE championship. R.I.P. to a legend. (via @WWE )

The legend Eddie Guerrero would’ve been 52 years old today. Never forget when he upset Brock Lesnar. ?

This is Patricia Gaines, whose father, a liberal minister, was driven out of Selma in 1961 by Klansmen on horseback. She went back to Selma for the first time today to drive black voters to the polls.

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Vladimir Guerrero Jr., wearing his dad's old number, just hit a walk-off home run to end the Blue Jays' spring training ... in Montreal.

In 2002, Vladimir Guerrero Jr. raised his helmet alongside his father. Last night, he hit a walk-off HR in that same stadium, wearing his dad's number.