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Bobby Portis vs Pascal Siakam 😡 What would you do if someone got in your face like this? #WeTheNorth 

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RAPTORS BLOG: Pascal Siakam has never played better than this current run

The Raptors complete a series sweep of the defending champion Bucks as Pascal Siakam notches his first triple-double of the season. #NBA75 

Pascal Siakam comes up BIG in the CLUTCH for the @Raptors ! 🌶 30 PTS 🌶 10 AST 🌶 10 REB

Entire possession was Pascal dribbling waiting for someone, anyone, to move or screen for someone or do something No one did

1/ As famously argued by Pascal Lamy whilst Director General of WTO, the world trade system has evolved from a state of protection to a state of precaution. Previously, restrictions typically took the form of traditional bilateral measures...

Notes On The Season: Daniel Craig, Amy Pascal On Bond, Spidey And Oscar; Branagh And Campion Out At WGA


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EXCLUSIVE: #TheMandalorian  star Pedro Pascal is set to headline The Last Of Us, HBO’s high-profile series adaptation of the Sony Playstation franchise #TheLastOfUs 

Producer Amy Pascal tells us that #SpiderManNoWayHome  "is not the last of our MCU movies." "We are getting ready to make the next #SpiderMan  movie with Tom Holland and Marvel. We're thinking of this as 3 films, and now we're going onto the next 3." —>

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"What does 'take back control' mean?" Former WTO Director General Pascal Lamy says the idea that "Brexit is a negotiation between the EU and the UK is the largest unicorn ever invented in history".

Giannis, Jayson Tatum and Pascal Siakam are Tik Tok celebrities now ?? (via @nba )

This is the way. Join us in wishing #TheMandalorian  himself, @PedroPascal1 , a happy birthday!

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I should get out more, I know, but when I was required by the BBC to treat Andrea Leadsom & former WTO director general Pascal Lamy as equal & opposite authorities on the meaning of ‘WTO terms’, I was chilled to the core by the thought of where it could lead. And here we are.

PASCAL SIAKAM! 2010: Started playing basketball 2016: Drafted in the NBA 2017: D-League Finals MVP 2019: Most Improved Player 2019: NBA Champion 2020: NBA All-Star Starter

Pascal Siakam is the first player in history to start his career in the G-league and go on to be an All-Star starter. Respect.