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ICYMI: The Democrats’ messaging problem is real. The opportunistic proliferation of PACs only makes the problem worse.

OPINION: 🔹 Higher property tax bills hit kamaaina homeowners hard; 🔹 Ads from outside PACs undermine fair elections; 🔹 COVID-19 data should not be based on speculation Read more letters to the editor ➡️

Democrats have a messaging problem. The ecosystem of PACs raising millions of dollars without a seeming purpose will not help the party in November.

Wisconsin Lieutenant Gov. Mandela Barnes (D), the presumptive Democrat nominee for U.S. Senate, spent nearly $600,000 on his police detail over two years, despite being backed by pro-“defund the police” PACs.

Democrats have a messaging problem. The number of PACs raising money that seemingly goes nowhere don't help. Today on TAP with @rkuttnerwrites :

Last year, @AIPAC , the powerful pro #Israel  lobby group, surprised political observers when it announced the establishment of two new PACs that would allow it to directly fund political #campaigns . - editorial

Ahead: @RepMeijer , who just lost a primary to Trump-endorsed candidate, on DemocraticPACS supporting far-right GOP candidates with contributions. Than a conversation a single mother, who is one of 5 million reported new gun owners. And @ElBeardsley  on a whale in the Seine.

#FBF to May when Miami congressional candidate Ken Russell deleted tweets falsely claiming — in English and Spanish — he's “running a grassroots campaign" without "PACs and corporations” after he got called out and confronted with his own campaign donor list #BecauseMiami 

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I'm surprised people haven't formed PACs to go after Manchin and Sinema deciding votes. Seems like a little amount of $$ could have gone a long way in deciding a lot of things the past year.


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While the PACs of tech giants usually distribute their donations more or less evenly among the two parties, it's as difficult to find conservatives or Republicans among employees of those corporations as it is to find them in faculty lounges of Ivy League schools. 2018:

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pacs'>Super PACs and other big-money front groups are flooding our democracy with dark money. That “tsunami of slime” won’t stop until we guarantee transparency. Let’s pass the DISCLOSE Act.

Everyone gets the propaganda here, but if leftist super PACs like The Washington Post can’t define women how can they be one of the groups that will somehow suffer most from free-speech? I guess they can only be defined when they can be used for political gain or marginalized?

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Georgia is for all the marbles. We CAN win both seats, and when we do, McConnell’s reign is over. Your donation will be split between Warnock, Ossoff and Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight. GOP pacs'>Super PACs have already spent millions. Let’s raise $250K today.

Memo to business execs invited to speak at Trump briefing/rally: After you pay your public worship to Trump, please tell us how much $$$ you & your company (including your companies’ lobbyists) have paid to Trump campaign & PACs.

No, Joe. The "establishment" are the 60 billionaires who are funding your campaign and the corporate-funded super PACs that are spending millions on negative ads attacking me.

Susan Collins received $1.8 mil in donations after voting to confirm Kavanaugh ($250K+ from pacs'>Super PACs). She raised just $140K in the quarter before the vote. There shouldn't be a financial incentive for a Senator to confirm a Supreme Court justice. It's an insult to democracy.

An incredible 525,000 people have already contributed to our campaign. The most common profession? Teachers. The average donation? Just $20. This campaign is about all of us—not billionaire donors and pacs'>Super PACs.

How we win this election matters: ❌ No corporate PACs ❌ No federal lobbyists Just a whole lot of people standing up for our American values. I’m excited to do this together — a campaign for the people and of the people. Let’s do this.

One of the great crises facing our democracy is power of the billionaire class over our political process. The needs of ordinary people are ignored when the very rich and their pacs'>Super PACs buy elections. We need to overturn Citizens United and move to public funding of elections.