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The city of Paterson has reported 100% of adults have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine. Mayor @andresayegh  joined @AyanaHarry  on #PIXOnPolitics  to break down how they hit such a major milestone

Also, some Team Canada names I expect to be named this week among college/junior ranks - Devon Levi (Sabres), Owen Power (Sabres), Kent Johnson (Blue Jackets), Jack McBain (Wild) and Mason McTavish (Anaheim).

Paterson family mourning teen killed by stray bullet while helping grandmother with chores

This discussion between @CindyXiaodanYu  and Owen Matthews on Putin’s strategy is spot on IMO. Putin has alienated all of his regional allies apart from Belarus. He has no interest in seizing Ukraine - he wants it to be politically friendly on Russia

The 15 winning cities from the Global Mayors Challenge: -Amman -Bogotá -Butuan -Freetown -Hermosillo -Istanbul -Kigali -Kumasi -Paterson -Phoenix -Rochester -Rotterdam -Rourkela -Vilnius -Wellington Read more these ambitious urban innovations:

After two years, Paterson still waiting for delayed police performance audit

Owen Farrell's critics should be careful what they wish for - he will be missed by England | Sir Ian McGeechan

The city of Paterson is stepping up to help with the country's worst blood shortage in over a decade.


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Listeners are branding this James O'Brien’s finest monologue yet as he explains in forensic detail why the Owen Paterson scandal has hit the public so hard. @mrjamesob 

A government Minister just confirmed in Parliament that there are no minutes to the meeting(s) that took place between Lord Bethell, Owen Paterson and Randox as part of Randox being awarded £600 million of contracts without any kind of tender or any process. This is corruption.

Last week Ministers admitted that they have no minutes or records from meetings between government Ministers and Randox - the company that paid Owen Paterson to lobby for them and was awarded £600m in contracts. I have demanded an investigation into these secret meetings. (1/7)

George Eustice is just lying. Everything he is saying is just a lie. Owen Paterson did have a chance to defend himself and did so throughout. The motion was about Paterson not just a new process. Lie after lie #marr 

Randox paid Owen Paterson £100,000/yr to lobby for them. Owen Paterson sat in on a call between Randox and @JimBethell , who dished out Covid contracts. Randox was awarded over £500m in Covid contracts without a tender or an open process. Let's call this what it is - corruption.

This is corruption. Owen Paterson was found guilty of breaking the rules by an independent committee. He took money from a private company and then lobbied Ministers on their behalf. So the Conservatives just voted to over-turn that committee's ruling.

It's right that Owen Paterson has gone because of the egregious way he broke the rules & lobbied Ministers whilst getting paid £££ But what really matters is that Johnson was never out to save Paterson's skin but to attack the Standards Commissioner to protect his own

PM corrupts the system to protect a Tory MP, then doesn't bother to tell that MP when he U-turns This wasn't about Owen Paterson, but Johnson's own vendetta against Standards Commissioner who did her job & investigated him for Mustique holiday PM was trying to save his own skin

Amendment to overturn unanimous Committee on Standards recommendation to suspend Owen Paterson for breaking rules against paid advocacy shamefully passed 250 to 232. A dark day for due process, parliamentary standards & rule of law #TorySleaze