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For 50 years, the #PellGrant  has helped over 2.3 million Oregonians attend college with more than $6.1 billion in debt-free aid. Let's celebrate the generations of students the Pell Grant has lifted to a college degree and continue the fight for affordable debt-free college.

From groceries and gas to most other goods, products are taking a bigger bite out of our budgets. We talked with the Oregon Office of Economic Analysis to see how the interest rate increase could impact Oregonians:

The animals were “a wildlife resource that belongs to all Oregonians,” officials said.

Over the years illegal street racing has taken the lives of many Oregonians and left families to grieve the loss of their loved ones with little in the way of justice.

@AndrewYang  @senbetsyjohnsonBut  Betsy Johnson doesn't align with your positions at all -- or with those of most Oregonians. She opposed all gun safety measures. She opposed measures to address climate change. She opposed raising the minimum wage. Why would Oregonians back such a candidate?

Worried about the alert system warning oregonians'>Southern Oregonians about fires? Here's an update on that:

Fewer Oregonians are working second, third jobs

The heavy rain is already stirring up trouble for more than 10,000 Oregonians who lost power early Friday morning.

Oregon is still struggling to rebuild after two horrific fire seasons in a row. I’m pressing federal officials to ensure Oregonians have the funding and workforce our state needs to effectively battle these blazes in the upcoming fire season.


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Oregonians vote by mail—we have for decades. It’s safe and convenient, and makes it easier for everyone in our state to participate in elections. We need to expand voting by mail nationwide.

Oregonians’ demand for answers about this occupying army and its paramilitary assaults in Portland at the direction of Donald Trump and Chad Wolf cannot be stonewalled one moment longer:

Half a million Oregonians are temporary climate refugees (and many of them have lost their homes for good)

New thread: Sharing information from my phone interviews tonight with 2 other victims of Antifa assaults: Oregonians Adam Kelly and John Blum, seen in this video posted by @Maggieb2B  /a

. has a great idea—tweet photos of our majestic coast to urge to stop his disastrous offshore drilling plans. Oregonians, let’s show him why we must . I’ll start: Here’s Casca #ProtectOurCoaste  Head near Lincoln City. Reply with your photos!

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My office has received 18,959 letters and emails from Oregonians about the #GOPTaxScam : 96% opposed 4% in favor The American people aren’t buying this tax scam.

I'm extremely concerned to hear are sneaking a massive internet tax increase into a totally unrelated spending bill. Apparently a vote for a Republican rep in Congress is now a vote to allow New York & California to tax Oregonians, Pennsylvanians & Texans.

At my town halls, Oregonians have said they stand with the young people in Florida who say they don’t want a moment of silence, they want action. I join my fellow Oregonians in standing with the courageous Parkland students to end this cycle of violence. #ParklandStudentsSpeak 

On my way to the @FCC  to speak out against repealing #NetNeutrality  and how it would hurt rural Oregonians and working Americans.

To all Oregonians calling my office: appreciate your patience, our phone lines are JAMMED (which is fantastic). Keep making your voice heard