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Miura/Kihara and Calalang/Johnson throwing down back-to-back standing-O worthy short programs is the clear signal that we have, indeed, started the Grand Prix Series in the Olympic season - 🔥🔥🔥 #SkateAmerica 

Follow all of the latest LIVE scores from the valley's high school football games

The Olympic gold medallist and former Labor senator discusses politics, intergenerational trauma and the statue she hopes will inspire Indigenous children with @mrbenjaminlaw . | DICEY TOPICS

A Professional Women's Hockey Players' Association all-star team will play Canada's Olympic team in December 🙌

Tremendous effort, Raptors win 115-83 The entire season won't be as extremely up and down as the first two games but this is a portend

Check out all the happenings from Friday's slate of high school games.

The Bloomington football weekend includes important games for both Indiana and Purdue. But the two teams are, right now, heading a bit in opposite directions. WRTV's Brad Brown reports.

#NSTnation PARALYMPIAN Mat Rodzi Hanapi, who once represented the country at the Paralympic Games in Barcelona in 1992, now runs a blind massage centre in Brickfields after his retirement in June this year.

Michigan high school football scores from Week 9 regular season finale games

Has a team ever been no hit for the first four innings in back to back LCS games? Seems like worth looking up FOX.


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Tune in 9/23 at 3 p.m. PT for a #NintendoDirect  livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused mainly on #NintendoSwitch  games launching this winter.

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Tune in 2/17 at 2 p.m. PT for a #NintendoDirect  livestream featuring roughly 50 minutes of information focused on available games like Super#SmashBrosUltimate  and games coming to #NintendoSwitch  in the first half of 2021.

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Oh this? Just Olympic champ @TomDaley1994  knitting in the stands while watching the diving. 🧶

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With all the Super League stuff going on... can we please also speak about the new Champions League format? More and more and more games, is no one thinking about us players? The new UCL format is just the lesser of the two evils in comparison to the Super League...

Kids grow up dreaming to win the World Cup and the Champions League - not any Super League. The enjoyment of big games is that they only happen once or twice a year, not every week. Really hard to understand for all football fans out there...⚽?

Crazy Nancy Pelosi and the Radical Left Democrats were just playing “games” with the desperately needed Workers Stimulus Payments.They just wanted to take care of Democrat failed, high crime, Cities and States. They were never in it to help the workers, and they never will be!

Anne Frank spent 2 years hiding in an attic and we’ve been home for just over a month with Netflix, food delivery & video games and there are people risking viral death by storming state capital buildings & screaming, “Open Fuddruckers!”

The National Guard has been released in Minneapolis to do the job that the Democrat Mayor couldn’t do. Should have been used 2 days ago & there would not have been damage & Police Headquarters would not have been taken over & ruined. Great job by the National Guard. No games!

So the NBA's inviting 22 teams to Orlando: 13 Western Conference, 9 Eastern Conference. Eight-regular season games per team. Play-in for the 8th seeds. July 31-October 12. Vote tomorrow to ratify. The NBA's back.