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Things that didn’t exist on Thanksgiving 10 years ago: Snapchat Facebook Messenger Apple Maps Uber Eats TikTok Twitch Zoom Lyft Slack Peloton Ethereum AirPods Apple Watch Google Classroom Microsoft Teams Alexa Tinder Telegram Oculus Tesla Model S Apple Music Chromebook Minecraft

And if you're generous this holiday, you can grab the popular @theragunz  Theragun, @Nintendo  Switch, Oculus Quest 2, various soundbars and more for under $500.

Go beyond the Disney theme park and live your best blaster life in 'Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge' for Oculus Quest VR

Six years after Facebook paid $2 billion for virtual reality firm Oculus, the deal may be starting to pay off.

ILMxLab is back with another Star Wars VR experience for Oculus Quest and this one's pretty meaty

The new Star Wars Game for Oculus Quest lets you scavenge on Batuu and use the Force

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Oculus On-track with Data Privacy Compliance Platform Development Full Story: $OVT.CA $OVTZ @oculusvtts  stocks'>Mark @OculusVTts  Stocks#SmallCaps  #TSXV  #OTC  #OTCMarkets  #OTCStocks  #Investing 


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I took a ride with for and ’ Virtual Reality project Marshall From Detroit - check it on the Oculus VR Platform now:

Did not exist in 2003: Facebook Twitter iPhone? iPad Android Alibaba Apple App Store Uber Airbnb Blockchain Square Stripe Spotify Dropbox Instagram Snapchat WhatsApp Pinterest Kickstarter Messenger Quora Tumblr BuzzFeed Hulu Tinder Nest Fitbit Oculus Tencent Kindle Bitcoin 4G

Things that didn’t exist when first Game of Thrones episode aired in 2011: Snapchat Lyft Slack Siri Twitch Tinder Fortnite Medium Uber Eats Apple Maps Amazon Alexa FB Messenger Apple Music CandyCrush Microsoft Surface Tesla Model S Apple Watch Google Home DJI Phantom Oculus Rift

Didn't exist in 2006: iPhone iPad Kindle 4G Uber Airbnb Android Oculus Spotify Nest Kickstarter Stripe Square Instagram Snapchat WhatsApp

One reason every political hashtag on Twitter is filled with racist trolls? The founder of Oculus is funding them:

Every 9/11 at exactly 10:28am (when the North Tower collapsed), the World Trade CenterOculus’s skylight opens to allow the sunlight to cross the floor, directly along its axis. #NeverForget 

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I need an oculus rift in my life

Didn't exist in 2006 iPhone iPad Kindle Uber Airbnb Android Oculus Spotify Nest Stripe Square Instagram Snapchat WhatsApp #ThursdayThoughts 

Things that didn't exist election night in 2008: Uber iPad Instagram Snapchat WhatsApp Pinterest Periscope Oculus Slack #ElectionNight