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Is a system un-biased if the rules are objectively applied even if they affect a certain group more than others or is it un-biased only if system’ rule-based operation affects each group in proportion to their population…

How to survive in choppy market conditions ✅ - Wait for key lvl breaks - Size positions down 50-75% - Take 50% less trades (cash is key) - Think objectively If you can survive in this market, you WILL thrive in the next bull run. Don't let impatience be the reason why you fail

I mean, what's below is objectively what Libsoftiktok was (and is) doing, and it's what we all knew she was being suspended for. You can disagree with Twitter's decision, but that, again, is only about where to draw the line.

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If you are losing money because of "bad strategy" and not using a trading journal, then... well.. there's your problem... You need a tool to tell you *objectively* what you have done wrong. Whether the problem is with you? or with your strategy? #tradingjournal  #psychology 

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@YahooFinance  @ARKInvestw  @CathieDWoodhy  continue to validate her opinions when you run a piece that objectively shows her firm number 5 at wealth destruction as of LAST year before her flagship fund is down 63.75% THIS Year? serious question, not trolling

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"No one likes to be wrong. But letting your ego get in the way of proper analysis of prior action, or falling in love with a stock and failing to look at it objectively, are simply not sound when it comes to the market." - William J. O'Neil

. @EWErickson ⁩: “You want to win? Move on from an angry old man with nothing left but a knockoff Twitter feed. And move on from candidates who are objectively not good fits.” #gapol  #gasen 

@Jordan_S_Rubin : It’s remarkable Walker made it anything close to a competitive race, given how objectively bad of a candidate he was.

Even when their performances are objectively equal, men and women are described differently.

3 important rules for trading. 1. Trade objectively. 2. Have a plan. 3. Manage risk.


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@PatrickWStanley  @BillyM2kIt  is objectively the case that “conservative” political candidates were more negatively affected than “progressive” candidates. Anyone using Twitter knows this. Question is simply one of magnitude.

A 15 week abortion ban is a National Abortion Ban. Calling it “late-term” is just objectively wrong.

American Rescue Plan. Violence against Women Act. Biggest climate action literally ever. Reducing the cost of prescription drugs. The first gun safety bill in a generation. CHIPS. Giving veterans exposed to burn pits health care. Objectively this is a productive congress.

@ChrisJBakke  Wow, with Jack departing, the Twitter board collectively owns almost no shares! Objectively, their economic interests are simply not aligned with shareholders.

Objectively speaking the economy is improving under President Joe Biden. It would be great if reporters just said so, since it is true and important.

Trump is objectively pro-Covid.

On @KDTrey5  situation: In the past year, I have 60+ IG & Tw DMs from KD, mostly from 3 convos initiated by him spanning 5+ hrs each. I won’t expose them out of respect 4 KD & others I text with. I will continue to love, respect & pray for KD - & objectively analyze his game.

objectively this is a shit show. subjectively, this is a shit show.

What on earth are liberals talking about when they say "MY truth" or "HER truth," or "HIS truth?" Truth is NOT like a customized latte order at Starbucks. Something is true or not. Truth is objectively true and it's veracity is not determined by WHO said it, but WHAT was said.

If you believe this, hide your face in shame. Your values are objectively un-American. Read the US Constitution and repent.