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Senator Ademola Adeleke, has officially taken over as the Governor of Osun after taking oath of office.

Adeleke takes oath of office Senator Ademola Adeleke, has officially taken over as the Governor of Osun after taking oath of office. . The oath of office was administered on the Governor by the State Chief Judge, Justice Oyebola Adepele-Ojo.

Highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 has been confirmed at a premises near Bromsgrove, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire. All bird keepers should remain vigilant and follow stringent biosecurity measures. More available on at: #BirdFlu 

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Dirty Business: "The Party Oath " amounted to an abdication of personal intelligence and moral responsibility. The Oath: I vow inviolable fidelity to Adolf Hitler; I vow absolute obedience to him and to his leaders he designates for me” Nuremberg trials, 1945

Sedition and dishonor: Thoughts on evidence in the Oath Keepers trial

The Devil We Know. Took an Oath, but he doesn't care about the words... "So help me God." New Book Available on Amazon

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The Oath. Let the work of others inspire great ideas to curate and rewrite remarkable pieces. "No longer is the owner of the distribution system the king of the castle. Today, curation is king." Stephen Rosenbaum#blogpost 

Dirty Business: Trump’s attorney says he’ll testify before the Jan 6 Committee “he has nothing to hide” and Trump wrote, “I love the idea of testifying.” Let’s do it under oath Liz Chaney said, “This is not a circus.” RT Yeah that’s right you heard the woman and make it public!

Ex-NYC cop who allegedly lied under oath gets $94K gig with DA

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Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge administers oath to party leaders and workers "to protect and strengthen" the Indian Constitution on the occasion of Constitution day at Mhow, Madhya Pradesh


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Fauci’s resignation will not prevent a full-throated investigation into the origins of the pandemic. He will be asked to testify under oath regarding any discussions he participated in concerning the lab leak.

NEW: Former Oath Keeper testifies that Stewart Rhodes informed him that he was in contact with a Secret Service agent.

🚨 A source close to the Secret Service tells me both Bobby Engel, the lead agent, and the presidential limousine/SUV driver are prepared to testify under oath that neither man was assaulted and that Mr. Trump never lunged for the steering wheel.

My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation. Congress is trying yet again to ram through a spending bill – one that I doubt anyone has actually read – and there’s no oversight included into how the money is being spent.

Funny what people will say when they’re under oath that they didn’t say earlier when it could have made a big difference. Actually, it’s not funny at all. It’s outrageous, a shame that will follow their names into history.

We can fortify the defenses of the Capitol.  We can reinforce doors and put up fences. But we cannot guard our democracy against those who walk the halls of the Capitol, have taken an oath to uphold our Constitution, but refuse to do so.

Sally Yates has zero credibility. She was a part of the greatest political crime of the Century, and ObamaBiden knew EVERYTHING! Sally Yates leaked the General Flynn conversation? Ask her under oath. Republicans should start playing the Democrats game!

Let us be clear: The president has sided with authoritarian leaders of Turkey and Russia over our loyal allies and America’s own interests. His decision is a sickening betrayal both of the Kurds and his oath of office.

RT if you support our police officers who put on their uniforms every day to carry out the oath to protect and serve our communities!

Senate Republicans just failed the American people & broke their oath to the United States Constitution.