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Thursday's state hoops: Oakland goes down in rematch with Milwaukee, 88-78

LIVE VIDEO: A teachers union in Oakland is threatening to go on strike over COVID safety concerns at schools. @KatsudaSharon  is live at 5:31 with the details.

Teen At Oakland Park HS Arrested For Bringing Gun To School

Oakland teachers union threatens to strike if district doesn’t reach new COVID agreement

Oakland public schools teacher's union has given Oakland Unified School District 48 hours to construct an updated COVID-19 safety plan or is threatening to strike.

UWM 88, Oakland 78: Everything comes together in Panthers' most complete victory of the season

I apologize to the entire city of Oakland for the noise from my toddler’s temper tantrum


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BREAKING: A white man who murdered a Black 18-year-old at an Oakland BART station was sentenced to life in prison without parole. John Lee Cowell fatally stabbed #NiaWilson  in 2018 while she was returning from a family gathering, also wounding her sister.

US attorney announces the gunman who allegedly killed two law enforcement officers in California was associated with the right-wing Boogaloo movement. A patch bearing the group’s symbol was found in the van used by the shooter in Oakland and Santa Cruz killings

I am demanding that Trump withdraw federal agents from Portland and not dispatch them to any other city in oakland'>America―including Oakland. And we must immediately investigate the misconduct of the agents in Portland. This has no place in America.

People don’t remember the chaos, hatred & discord that we all went through during the 8 years of Obama/Biden. St. Louis, Oakland, Baltimore, and so many other places, were a complete & total disaster. I wouldn’t be in the beautiful White House if it weren’t for Sleepy Joe, etc.

VP Pence said Officer Dave Patrick Underwood was “killed during the riots in Oakland.” He didn’t say the Officer was killed by a suspected member of the Boogaloo Boys, which if anything are more affiliated with the far right.

Civil rights icon Angela Davis pumps her fist during a Juneteenth protest against police brutality as longshoremen shut down the Port of Oakland and 28 other ports along the west coast on Friday. Story:

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Is @Jim_Jordan  going to apologize for linking the murder of an officer in Oakland to Black Lives Matter "rioters" when the man charged is part of the right-wing Boogaloo movement or is he just going to pretend it never happened?

Oakland is closing schools bc of COVID-19. We support this decision but are concerned a/b the 18,000+ kids that rely on school for 2+ meals daily. @eatlearnplay  is donating to @ACCFB  to ensure every child has access to the food they need. Join us & donate

With Oakland schools closing due to the coronavirus, Steph and Ayesha Curry are looking to help donate 1 million meals for kids who rely on the education system to eat ? (via @eatlearnplay )

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