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@Dove has shifted to 100% recycled plastic bottles across Europe and North America.* It’s just one of the ways we’re rethinking plastic. #HealthyPlanetForAll  *At the moment this only includes bottles, but we’re working on caps and labels too.

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The film "Jojo Rabbit" and the television series "Madam Secretary" won the top prizes in @SIGNISBrussels  North America's annual competition. via @CatholicCourier 

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From the newsletter of the Ordinariate in North America, @CSPOrd . This is a dynamic community. The Ordinariate in Britain is not, despite the presence some of the best priests in the country. Alas, the much-loved Mgr Keith Newton is allowing @catholicEW  to suffocate it.

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@Sethrogen  is not alone. There is a clear, present and potentially irreversible inter-generational divide within Diaspora Jewry’s largest community residing in North America in relation to #Israel . Opinion by @MKAlizaLavie 

Ancient relatives of alligators, with banana-size teeth, bodies the size of a bus and strange enlarged snouts, preyed on dinosaurs in wide regions of North America, a new study says

RECALL ALERT: Over 558,000 midsize Ford SUVs have been recalled across North America.

Cabot : to Increase Prices for Rubber Carbon Black Products in North America#Cabot  #Stock  #MarketScreener 

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Over 558,000 midsize Ford SUVs have been recalled across North America, according to The Associated Press


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North Carolina: This woman refuses to wear a mask while getting takeout and causes a scene. She screams, “We don’t cover our faces in America.” as her boyfriend comes to the rescue. She ends it all by declaring “trump 2020.” They seem delightful...

Can't wait to get to Toronto! I'm buzzin ! North America let's have a great time this year !

I was thrilled to be back in the Great city of Charlotte, North Carolina with thousands of hardworking American Patriots who love our Country, cherish our values, respect our laws, and always put AMERICA FIRST! Thank you for a wonderful evening!! #KAG2020 

Only a few shows left on tour in North America.. Just wana say thank you to all of you for coming out to watch us .. The support is amazing

North America , we're finally coming back this week! oh yeaaahhhhh! can't wait to see all of you , we've missed you !

North America thank you soo much for everything! 8.5 weeks of pure class! and what a way to end it 4 shows in staples in LA ! Thank you

Great to be back in US and even more excited to be touring in North America again next year! Who’s coming down? :)