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2021 Drawdowns ARKK Innovation Tech: -35% XBI Biotech: -34% JETS Airlines -31% CRUZ Cruise Ship: -21% CLOU Software: -13% BEDZ Hotels -12% IWM Russell 2000: -10% XLE Energy: -8% BCOM Commodities: -7% XLF Financials: -6% NDX Nas 100: -4% ITB Builders: -4% v @BearTrapsReport 

Ted Cruz and various rightwing conspiracists are trying to suggest new variants are part of some nefarious Democratic conspiracy to continue the pandemic forever. And yet the same Cruz said last year that the pandemic would ‘magically’ disappear if Dems retook the White House.

Senate Ethics Committee Mum About January 6 Probe Into Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley#WallSt 

Ted Cruz and Donald Trump Jr. taunt the WHO for skipping 'Xi' to name the new coronavirus variant 'Omicron'

@RobertLeonard  No. Anytime you have to resort to “you know that isn’t true…” you didn’t do fine. Your points about the structure are valid. If you know the falsehoods are coming and you know the format will handicap you, then you don’t invite Ted Cruz. She invited Ted Cruz.

Undergoing a major revamp, Blackwater figures in another trade as it deals Carl Bryan Cruz and Rey Mark Acuno to TNT. #PBA 

Look closely and you can still spot the remnants of an audacious railroad line that cut through the Santa Cruz mountains in the 1800s. The tunnels remain, but most of the towns that dotted the line are gone now.

Cruz said she thought her class might raise $50. Turned out that was just a start.       

Breezy, sunny and warmer in Tucson with a slight chance of showers in Cochise and Santa Cruz counties later today. @kgun9 

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‘I can think of nothing more American.’ — Beto O'Rourke — the man taking on Ted Cruz — brilliantly explains why NFL players kneeling during the anthem is not disrespectful

US attorney announces the gunman who allegedly killed two law enforcement officers in California was associated with the right-wing Boogaloo movement. A patch bearing the group’s symbol was found in the van used by the shooter in Oakland and Santa Cruz killings

We should all memorize the 8 Senators who voted for the Big Lie after death and destruction in the Capitol. Hawley Cruz Marshal Lummis Hyde-Smith Kennedy Scott Some former football coach from Auburn

Biden calls a lid at 8am on a Thursday while one of the largest states in the union could use some emergency management but let’s all talk about Ted Cruz. You people are full of crap.

"U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz lied to Americans about widespread voter fraud that never existed," the Editorial Board writes. "He should resign and deliver Texans from the shame of calling him our senator."

NEW: Ted Cruz booked his return ticket from Cancun to Texas at 6 a.m. today, according to a source with knowledge of the situation. Cruz was initially booked to return on Saturday.

Video of insurrectionists stealing documents on the senate floor. “I think Cruz would want us to do this so I think we’re good.” Great work, @tedcruz  (Full video and article at @NewYorker  )

Ted Cruz tweeting a glowing tribute to Rush Limbaugh from a resort in Cancun (where he flew tonight while his constituents are literally freezing to death) is peak @GOP .

Hey @SenTedCruz  and his gang: You want to investigate election fraud? Start with this:

“We’ve seen in the last few months, unprecedented amounts of Voter Fraud.” @SenTedCruz  True!