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Scotland's drug deaths hits 10,000 under SNP leadership as Sturgeon slated over crisis

Resign Sturgeon trends on Twitter as FM told to quit after drug death horror

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'In Nicola Sturgeon’s Club Tropicana Scotland, the drinks are free, but only for billionaires and royalty.' @kmckenna63 

Here is today's Daily Record front page, which leads on on Scotland’s drug death numbers rising again as Nicola Sturgeon admits action is needed for bereaved families. #scotpapers 

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Nicola Sturgeon slammed for letting Scotland slip into 'worse state' after crisis

Nicola Sturgeon given green light to join EU: 'End Scotland's dependence on UK'

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'Do Nicola Sturgeon or Douglas Ross speak for working class Scots?'

🩺 After writing to them with constituents’ concerns about GP services, I was invited to meet this week with Dr Tim Mitchell, the head of Pilning Surgery, the Manager Anita Bush and Operations Manager for Montpelier Health Nicola Jewell.

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#ResignSturgeon trends as Scottish leader faces mounting pressure


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"You're a fascist and a racist." ??? Massive kudos to @NicolaSturgeon  for facing down these far right thugs.

BREAKING Scotland's First nicola sturgeon'>Minister Nicola Sturgeon did not breach the ministerial code of conduct, an inquiry finds.

I think I've worked it out. If Priti Patel is found guilty of doing something then it's no big deal & we should all move on. If Nicola Sturgeon or Meghan Markle are accused of doing *exactly the same thing* then it's an event of cataclysmic proportions & we should all stone them.

I hold no candle for the @theSNP  and the Salmond-Sturgeon story is clearly important and newsworthy. But my God compare and contrast the right wing media and @BBCNews  coverage with the comparative lack thereof of @SuellaFernandes  re Cummings, @patel4witham  breach min code ... 1/2

Nicola Sturgeon says there’s not a shred of evidence to substantiate Alex Salmond’s accusations. Fair enough. But how can we tell since her Clown Office has just redacted most crucial parts of his evidence?

Let us step back and appreciate the enormity of events in Scotland today. Former First Minister Alex Salmond is accusing First nicola sturgeon'>Minister Nicola Sturgeon of lying to/misleading Parliament and part of a ScotGov/SNP move to jail him.

Trump not allowed into Scotland to escape Biden inauguration, Sturgeon warns

Look up tonight to see the next full Moon. ? The Algonquin tribes called the August full Moon the Sturgeon Moon, due to the abundance of giant sturgeon fish this time of year. Around the world, it has other names:

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Wakey-wakey! ⏰ @ScuderiaFerrari  (? nicola_marcia21/Instagram)

"Life shouldn't feel normal right now, so if your life still feels entirely normal, ask yourself if you are doing the right things" Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reveals three more people in the country have died Latest coronavirus updates: