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Elon Musk’s Starlink slashes hardware, subscription prices for Nigerians -

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk met with multiple congressional Republicans but scheduled no meetings with Democrat lawmakers during his first trip to the Capitol in his new post.

If Elon Musk give you $1000, which #altcoin  will you buy? 🤔👇

Mwale City receives industrial grade solar batteries from Elon Musk’s Tesla

A profile of James McNicholas, who covers Arsenal for The Athletic and has an acting career that includes starring in the BBC's Horrible Histories and Ted Lasso @bryancurtis  / The Ringer)

Nicholas Malindretos arrested for allegedly throwing Molotov cocktail at New Jersey synagogue

A 15-year-old was taken into custody at his Oceanside home for allegedly taking part in the slayings of Jesus Garcia, 19, and a friend of Garcia's, 20-year-old Nicholas Tiefer in San Marcos.

Bernard Arnault, the world’s richest man, may be taking on Elon Musk, the second richest, to see who will lead the premium electric vehicle market—at least when it comes to exclusivity and brand cachet.

Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT: What if you combine an app like ChatGPT with Twitter, it makes the $40 Billion price Elon Musk paid for Twitter look like peanuts. Read this! #amreading  #AuthorsOfTwitter 

#ElonMusk has decided to make his #Twitter  account private to check up on some issues like #shadowbanning  and reach


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If Elon Musk can afford to lose $200 billion in a single year, he can afford a wealth tax.

Elon Musk: - Bans violent accounts on Twitter - Bans child pornogrophy on Twitter - Bans sex trafficking on Twitter - Bans domestic terrorism on Twitter - Bans real-time doxxing of locations on Twitter (due to threats against children) Media: - Elon is making Twitter unsafe!

My son, who is a software engineer, just told me that people who know software just had their Elon Musk realization.

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Why Silicon Valley’s WOKE fear MUSK: Musk is an entrepreneur. He does not need a job or money. He beat BIG BANKS with PAYPAL. He beat DETROIT with TESLA. He beat NASA with SPACEX. And he will beat COMMUNIST censorship with TWITTER. Thank you and GOD bless ELON MUSK.

BREAKING: Elon Musk has fired Vijaya Gadde, head of legal policy, trust & safety, who made the decision to permanently suspend Donald Trump.

I love Elon Musk. When his employees refused to come to work he told them to look for new jobs. When one of his woke employees criticized Elon publically, Elon fired him publicly. Now these losers have have find jobs that pay 250k to 300k that offer free lunch. Thank you Elon.

BREAKING: @KathyGriffin  has been permanently suspended from Twitter for impersonating @ElonMusk 

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Elon Musk doesn't come to me for advice on how to fail to buy Twitter, and I don't go to him for film, TV or literature criticism.

Zuckerberg owns Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post. Elon Musk owns Twitter. When multi-billionaires take control of our most vital platforms for communication, it’s not a win for free speech. It’s a win for oligarchy.

Every time Elon Musk pokes fun at government assistance for the 99%, remember that he would be worth nothing without $4.9 billion in corporate welfare. Oh, Elon just l-o-v-e-s corporate socialism for himself, rugged capitalism for everyone else.

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