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The number of hungry people across Central America has nearly quadrupled over 2 years. Nearly 8 MILLION people in El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua are food insecure. Without an income or opportunities at home, many consider migration as the only viable solution.

#CNF The Evolution of Ortega’s Corruption in Nicaragua. Every so often, I’m asked about democracy in Nicaragua, before talking about the human rights violations. The latter have been[...]...

We see sustainability as a journey—and the final destination is regeneration🌱 #RestoreOurEarth  (Photo: Coffee farm in Nicaragua by @FaraCoffee )

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There are about 85,000 Nicaraguan refugees and asylum seekers in Costa Rica. They started fleeing in 2018. Three years on, we can't let Nicaragua turn into yet another "forgotten crisis".

South Florida Family Hopeful After Mother Flees Kidnappers While Escaping Nicaragua

Nicaragua pushes for return of 10-year-old migrant boy found by Border Patrol agent in Texas

#CNF Rosario Murillo “Centralizes” all Covid-19 Vaccine Information. In its handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nicaragua remains the exception to the rule in Central America. When all other[...]...

TikTok's promising rise in the Global South: global news agency AFP and news publishers in Brazil and Nicaragua are engaging new audiences in the platform, reports @LauraOliver  for @risj_oxford 

#CNF “We Won’t Support a Candidate who Embraces Impunity”. Three years after more than 300 murders were committed by the State of Nicaragua, documented by national and international organizations,[...]...

A 10-year-old boy from Nicaragua asked a U.S. Border Patrol officer for help last week, after he says he was abandoned in Texas by a group of migrants he was traveling with.


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The attacks on Sanders on Cuba, Nicaragua, Latin America, etc. are meant to distract & they’re pathetic attacks. But if that’s the debate they insist on having, then let’s have a real, honest debate on the murderous US policies that Sanders was opposing.

If Sen. Sanders wins the nomination, some Democrats worry President Trump will hammer him on his long-buried words in defense of governments in Nicaragua, Cuba and the USSR.

President @realDonaldTrump  stands with the people of Cuba, Nicaragua, and Venezuela in their fight for freedom!

They lied to you about Vietnam. They lied to you about Nicaragua. They lied to you about Iraq. They lied to you about Syria. They lied to you about Honduras. They lied to you about Libya. So why would you believe what they're telling you about #Venezuela ?

The United States sanctioned Nicaragua’s Albanisa, and its subsidiary Bancorp, as part of the sanctions on Venezuela’s regional PDVSA network of graft. Efforts by Ortega and his cronies to evade these sanctions will fail.

Yesterday, the U.S. joined Syria and Nicaragua as the third country in the world to reject the Paris climate agreement. What a disgrace.

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Look at the long & growing list of nations who recognize the legitimacy of President Guaido in #Venezuela . Now compare that to the ones who still openly support Maduro: - Cuba - Turkey - Russia - Iran - China - Bolivia - Nicaragua

Through sanctioning PdVSA, the United States has also sanctioned Nicaragua’s ALBANISA, the government’s joint venture with PdVSA and slush fund of the corrupt regime of Daniel Ortega.

The US joins Syria and Nicaragua as one of the three countries not in the Paris climate agreement

The US joins Syria and Nicaragua as one of the three countries not in the Paris climate agreement