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India: "Even if authorities find “constructive criticism uncomfortable, it should never be criminalized or outlawed in this way". @mbachelet  is calling on the Government of India to safeguard the rights of #humanrights  defenders and NGOs.

The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet appealed to India to review the FCRA and its compliance with international human rights norms, and regretted that it was being “used to deter or punish NGOs for human rights reporting”.

A report by @ngomonitor  pointed out that beneficiaries of EU funding to ngos'>Israeli NGOs for human rights projects are mainly #Palestinians , some of them "are even tied to internationally proscribed #terror  groups." Report by @MsSarahCh  | | #NGO  #EU 

Ressa on civil society: If NGOs don't have facts, how can they act in the real world? How do you strengthen? In the time of pandemic, who gets the funding?

#Putin , speaking online a #Valdai  Discussion Group, rails against NGO’s from abroad that are “tools in somebody else’s hands.”

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The Trump administration is considering declaring that several prominent international NGOs — including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam — are anti-Semitic and that governments should not support them

The Trump Administration is weighing a declaration that would label several top international NGOs as anti-Semitic due to their statements on Israeli settlements

After UN High Commissioner for Human Rights said ‘India is tightening spaces for human rights & NGOs’, MEA has slammed the comment saying, ‘Violations of law cannot be condoned under the pretext of human rights’. Srinjoy with more details.

India has criticised remarks by UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet expressing concern over the restrictions on foreign funding for non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in India and the arrest of activists in the country.


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If you are abroad and you really want to help #Lebanon , there is a way. Donate to any of the following NGOs who are doing amazing work on the ground. #Beirut 

Name : Akshay Kumar City : MumbaiMere aur mere parivaar ki taraf se... Police, Nagar Nigam ke workers, doctors, nurses, NGOs, volunteers, government officials, vendors, building ke guards ko #DilSeThankYou  🙏🏻

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In Uttarakhand the Baptist financed NGOs are taking an unhealthy interest in the case I have filed to free the Hindu religious places taken control of by the UK Govt

“The reason that the #CCP  fears the promotion of democratic values is clear: because it fears the empowerment of the Chinese people." #CCP  sanctions on @IRIglobal  & other NGOs reveal its deep insecurity. I spoke to @EliLake  about how we can fight back. ?

The Chinese Communist Party’s targeting of non-profit NGOs that bolster infrastructure of democracies around the world—free press, unions, political parties, universities— including , only proves one thing: @IRIglobal 's greatest fear is of t #CCPeir  own.

My 3 requests: Appeal to all Indians, including eminent people from all walks of life to create awareness on water conservation. Share knowledge of traditional methods of water conservation. If you know about any individuals or NGOs working on water, do share about them: PM

BEZOS EARTH FUND: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced he is committing $10 billion to fight climate change. In an Instagram post, the world's wealthiest man said he would "fund scientists, activists, NGOs" to "help preserve and protect the natural world"

Left, Congress, fake liberals, fake NGOs, fake civil society groups, Urban Naxals and ‘Tukde Tukde gang’ desperately want to make Kerala a laboratory for their mischief. Till BJP is there, they won’t succeed. Their force will never be able to destroy our faith!

Here in Northern Syria one word on everyone’s lips: betrayal. And now ngo’s warning what could come. Save the Children “Warns of Mass Displacement of Children”

Christian and Muslim clerics with the help of foreign NGOs have laid a siege of Hindustan to help traitors to grab power and singhasan of Indraprastha. Most dangerous. Hindus need a counter strategy.