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Created 25 years ago, Viasna is a leading human rights organization in #Belarus . Authorities viciously attacked Viasna for its courageous work. Today, @hrw  and 22 other NGOs stand with @viasna96  as 7 of their activists are behind bars. . #FreeViasna 

For some NGOs, female staff guarantees are a red line for continuing Afghan aid:

“What the flashy social media appeals for funding seem to ignore are the aid professionals – health workers, local NGOs – who remain in Afghanistan and want to continue working.”

Siblings Mohammed El-Kurd and Muna El-Kurd, #SheikhJarrah  #activists , made #TimeMagazine 's 100 most influential people list for 2021, but not without criticism from NGOs and #Israeli  activists.

“Swift planning for a practical, rights-based, coordinated response, shepherded by int’l orgs in partnership with local NGOs & adequately funded by donors can mitigate the suffering displaced #Afghans  endure.” Read more about what that looks like now:

➡️ Protect what has already been built ➡️ Prioritise aid groups that know Afghanistan ➡️ ngos'>Fund Afghan NGOs@BlanchetKarl  and @salehiahmadshah ​​ on responding to Afghanistan’s growing crises without duplicating what’s already there:


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Since I left Russia in 2014, it is absolutely shocking how many businesspeople, academics, journalists, politicians, lawyers, NGOs leaders I used to know there who are now dead, in prison, or in exile. Simply shocking. THREAD 1/

Taliban started door to door search looking for govt officials, former police & security forces members & those who worked for foreign countries NGOs or infrastructures in Afghanistan. At least 3 journalists' houses were searched in the last hour. Kabul is now becoming deadly..

If you are abroad and you really want to help #Lebanon , there is a way. Donate to any of the following NGOs who are doing amazing work on the ground. #Beirut 

At least 24 people in Colombia are confirmed killed at protests against inequality. NGOs say deaths are higher and 89 people have "disappeared." Police have fired live bullets, killing at least one minor. A protesting doctor said: "The virus is the corruption in Colombia."

“No government should sell a single bullet to the junta" while the Myanmar generals uses them to shoot demonstrators, say 200 NGOs. But the Chinese government is blocking the UN Security Council from imposing the requested "global arms embargo" on Myanmar.

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UN investigation team seeks evidence linking #Myanmar  military leaders to crimes as killings of protesters increase and abuses escalate. More than 180 protesters have been killed by security forces. & other NGOs urge @hrw  to impose arms embarg #UNSC .

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The Myanmar junta is ordering "banks to divulge details of accounts and money transfers dating back to 2016 for domestic and international NGOs operating in Myanmar...[to] bolster its narrative of foreign interference in Myanmar's internal affairs."

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Name : Akshay Kumar City : MumbaiMere aur mere parivaar ki taraf se... Police, Nagar Nigam ke workers, doctors, nurses, NGOs, volunteers, government officials, vendors, building ke guards ko #DilSeThankYou  ??

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In Uttarakhand the Baptist financed NGOs are taking an unhealthy interest in the case I have filed to free the Hindu religious places taken control of by the UK Govt

BEZOS EARTH FUND: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced he is committing $10 billion to fight climate change. In an Instagram post, the world's wealthiest man said he would "fund scientists, activists, NGOs" to "help preserve and protect the natural world"