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New research on the Hispanic Health Paradox, by @UofLEcon , @econ_garcia , and Sandra Orozco-Aleman! Emphasizes the importance of disaggregating by age, nativity, and other variables:

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Deputies in the Florida Keys say someone stole baby Jesus from a nativity scene at a church.

Let us not forget our Ukrainian brothers and sisters. Today, seeing Our Lady who is holding the infant in the Nativity scene, who nurses him, I think of the mothers of the victims of war, of the soldiers who have fallen in this war in Ukraine.

Parish leaders, worshippers lament vandalism of nativity scene at Saint Nicholas of Tolentine in Queens

Vandals have been captured on camera destroying a festive nativity scene at a Catholic parish in Queens. @HannahKliger  went to Saint Nicholas of Tolentine in Jamaica to show how the faithful community is reacting.

Heartless NYC vandals desecrate Queens church nativity scene

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As well as taking people on rides on Blackpool beach during the summer, the animals were also busy in the lead-up to Christmas performing in Nativity plays

Beautiful day in central Kyiv. A group of teenagers is out on a "vertep", a Ukrainian tradition of going from home to home to re-ect nativity scenes.

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Thanks to Natalia for the invite to the Lawrence Batley Theatre@theLBT  in Huddersfield last night as our local Ukrainian community staged a wonderful Christmas Evenativity play - looking forward to the annual Christmas meal tonight 🇬🇧🇺🇦🇬🇧🇺 @AUGBHUDDS  @HuddsHub 

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I extend my heartfelt best wishes to the communities of the Eastern Churches who celebrate the Nativity of the Lord, in particular the suffering people of Ukraine. May the Lord’s birth instill comfort and inspire concrete steps that can finally lead to peace.

A nativity scene without any Jews, Arabs, Africans, refugees or unwed mothers

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The nativity scene reminds us that God did not remain invisible in heaven, but came down to earth and became man. To set up a nativity scene is to celebrate the closeness of God, to rediscover that God is real, concrete; He is humble Love that came down to us. #Nativityscene 

Bethlehem means "house of bread." The nativity scene we set up at home reminds us that Jesus is the bread of life: He is the one who nourishes our love, He is the one who gives our families the strength to go on and to forgive us. #Nativityscene 

In its genuine simplicity, the nativity scene reminds us it is not the quantity of things that counts in life, but the quality of relationships. Drawing our gaze to God, who is poor in possessions and rich in love, it recalls us to what is essential. #Nativityscene 

nativity'>Claremont Nativity scene depicts Jesus, Mary and Joseph as refugees separated in cages

A historic treasure sits on a window ledge in the East Room every Christmas season: the nativity scene! Learn about the origin of this 18th-century piece with our White House Advent Calendar.

Stop and look at the nativity scene: let us enter the true spirit of Christmas with the shepherds, bringing Baby Jesus all that we are.

In the simplicity of the nativity scene we encounter and contemplate the tenderness of God which reveals itself in the Baby Jesus.