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BTW, the history of the microphone is pretty fascinating. HItler didn't invent anything. But the microphone (along with radio) did transform politics around the world, and its inventor fueled Mussolini. One of the best books I've ever read:

The Sphere, 2 December 1922, pictures 'three important figures' at the Lausanne conference with Turkey - Lord Curzon (the British Foreign Secretary), mussolini'>Signor Mussolini (the Premier of Italy) and Monsieur Poincaré (the French Premier) #OTD  #1922Newspapers 

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Ayatollah Khamenei’s niece arrested after she compares Iran’s supreme leader to Hitler, Mussolini

Books: Servants of the Damned and Edda Mussolini

More than 1,400 monuments, street signs and plaques in Italy are listed on the "places of fascism" website, the first nationwide attempt to document the symbols of BenitoMussolini's regime that still dot the urban landscape of the country

@danprimack  @MichaelRStrainHitler  and Mussolini wore suits! You know who didn't wear a suit? Jesus. Jesus didn't wear a suit. Not a day in His life either before or after resurrection.

IT It is the first time the country has attempted to document symbols of BenitoMussolini's dictatorship.

Lenin and Mussolini were chief among 20th-century leaders who owed their initial success purely to chance... ✍️ Jay Elwes

Raskin on Trump’s Jan. 6 Plan at the Capitol: ‘He Thought He Would Enter Like Mussolini

Lenin and Mussolini were chief among 20th-century leaders who owed their initial success purely to chance ✍️ Jay Elwes


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Mussolini and Hitler never had temerity to tell voters that once they seized power, their parties would never lose another election. But in 1934, Mussolini's party "won" 99.85 percent. In 1936, Hitler's Nazis "won" 98.8 percent. We are watching how democracies are murdered.

Exit polls show that the first avowed fascist since Mussolini will be the next prime minister of Italy; the apparent victory of Giorgia Meloni, 45, is sending shockwaves across Europe tonight (NYT photo)

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Historically INFLATION leads to REVOLUTION. REVOLUTION leads to DICTATORS like Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini, Mao. Vote like Italy. Vote in strong leaders. Vote out losers like Biden. Our future and our children’s future depends on the next election. Vote for freedom not tyranny.

Here’s what Giorgia Meloni says at campaign rallies. “I am Giorgia. I am a woman. I am a mother. I am Italian, I am Christian. You will not take that away from me!” For this, the Left calls her a fascist and an heir to Mussolini. Italians don’t believe it, and we shouldn’t either

As many people have pointed out, Trump's planned balcony address from the White House directly emulates Mussolini, the man who coined the term "fascist"

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Mark Meadows backstage with the Trumps at January 6 rally. There were dozens of versions of this kind of opportunistic enabler in the bunkers of World War II Berlin and the entourage of Mussolini.

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It is ironic that Congis are calling Modi Hitler and BJP Fascist. Congis’ President TDK is the daughter of a soldier of Hitler’s Army and was a POW in Russia. Later he defect to KGB. Her mother a volunteer in Mussolini’s Fascist Youth Wing

The Democratic Party now has a paramilitary wing. Just like Mussolini. Just like Hitler

Romney was silent when his friend Scarborough accused the president of the United States of bring Hitler, a neo-Nazi, Stalin, and Mussolini.  It seems Romney’s moral outrage is situational and political.

It's clear that he has inherited Mussolini's shortsightedness and has myopic understanding of issues. EPFO's real data shows sharp increase in jobs, created in just the last 15 months. Only a man who hasn't ever held a proper job & is totally jobless can peddle such #FakeNews !