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Kate Bennion: Utah’s trigger law violates the rights of Jews, Muslims and even Latter-day Saints.

“We’re Muslims, but not Arabs,” Tahauka Bushnak says. “We’re a little like the Druze, our men serve in the army, and that determines a great deal of the attitude towards us"

In the wake of the Babri Mosque ruling in #India , Hindu nationalist groups are claiming that hundreds of mosques built by Muslims emperors centuries ago were once ancient Hindu temples.

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"When Nazem Kadri hoisted the Stanley Cup, he lifted a whole community along with it" 👏 @_shireenahmed_  on why Kadri's moment with the Stanley Cup resonated not only with Muslims, but with others who saw a little bit of themselves in the celebration

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muslims'>British Muslims turned away at airports after paying thousands for Hajj pilgrimage

“The need to cover the body is not only motivated by religion, but can also be for health or personal reasons" France’s burkini ban affects all women – not just Muslims

#EidAlAdha2022: Saudi Arabia calls on Muslims to sight Dhu Al Hijjah crescent on Wednesday

#Muslims craftsmen making ‘Halkhata’ for their Hindu brethren for generations

The Babri Mosque ruling galvanized a new wave of legal attacks, with Hindu nationalist groups claiming hundreds of mosques built by Muslims emperors centuries ago were temples in ancient India.

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Imagine 6 muslims'>American Muslims arrested for a plot to "overthrow the government and kidnap a governor" and not using the word "terrorism" to describe it.

China has detained over a million Muslims in concentration camps — and no one is doing anything about it

Eid Mubarak to all the muslims all around the world 🌎 May Allah bless everyone 🤲🏼 Taqabbal-Allâhu Minna wâ minkum 🤍 #alhamdulilah  🤲🏼❤️

Over 200 million Muslims call India home. Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence has killed at least 27 and injured many more. Trump responds by saying, "That's up to India." This is a failure of leadership on human rights.

Wishing Muslims in Canada and around the world a blessed & peaceful holy month of #Ramadan .

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The ugly truth is this: White supremacist terrorism is a real and present danger. When the President and other leaders use racist or dehumanizing language to describe immigrants and Muslims as invaders, angry and isolated men with guns are listening. And acting.

This is America and we aren't going to throw out 11 million people who are undocumented. We’re not going to turn against Muslims.

I'm taking tonight to grieve for minorities, women, immigrants, muslims & the LGBTQ community but tomorrow I'm waking up ready to fight.

"I will be a president for all of the people." —Donald Trump* *Except women, people of color, LGBT people, Muslims... #Debate 

Except for African Americans, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants, women, veterans—and any so-called "losers" or "dummies."