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First it was the muslims'>Uighur Muslims, then the Hui Muslims, now the tiny Utsul Muslim minority in Hainan are facing enforced assimilation & “Sinicisation”. Tiny Muslim community in China’s Hainan becomes latest target for religious crackdown - @SCMPNews 

"In a report released last month, the group said police in the Indian capital, Delhi, committed human rights violations during deadly religious riots between Hindus and Muslims in February." That violence was sparked by corrosive rhetoric and disinformation on FACEBOOK

Five Republican senators sent a letter to Netflix's co-CEO accusing the streaming platform of "normalizing" China's imprisonment and persecution of muslims'>Uyghur Muslims.

This woman, one of the few muslims'>Uighur Muslims to have been able to feel China after having been detained in Beijing's mass detention centers for forced indoctrination, has arrived safely in the United States.

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There's a social pandemic poisoning Europe: hatred of Muslims | Patrycja Sasnal and Yasemin El Menouar

Guest editor Dr. Sawsan Jaber discusses how to support Arab and Muslims students in U.S. schools, including by supporting their identity and recognizing there is not a "single story." #EWopinion 

Showing the extent of the Chinese government's repression of Islam, Beijing is even targeting a tiny community of 10,000 Muslims on Hainan Island. They face increased surveillance and a crackdown on traditional clothing.

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The Jammu-based Muslim Joint Action Committee (MJAC), in a letter written to the J&K Home secretary, has alleged that a SSP-rank officer “was resorting to wanton vilification and repeated attacks through his tweets on Islam and Muslims”.

In fact a clever strategy is to eulogise individuals like A. P. J. Abdul Kalam but condemn Muslims as a whole community. You can eat your cake & have it too. Brahmins of antiquity perfected this strategy against Dalits.


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China has detained over a million Muslims in concentration camps — and no one is doing anything about it

China has detained up to a million Muslims, a campaign it calls a benevolent and routine effort against the pull of extremism. But 403 pages of Communist Party documents we obtained reveal how officials plotted to carry out a ruthless, coercive clampdown.

Roy Moore’s campaign spokesman says Muslims shouldn’t be in US Congress because they have to swear on the Bible. He responds with silence, mouth agape, when informs him that’s not the case

Over 200 million Muslims call India home. Widespread anti-Muslim mob violence has killed at least 27 and injured many more. Trump responds by saying, "That's up to India." This is a failure of leadership on human rights.

If Donald Trump takes people's anger and turns it against Muslims, Hispanics, African Americans and women, we will be his worst nightmare.

Wishing Muslims in Canada and around the world a blessed & peaceful holy month of #Ramadan .

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Merry Christmas to the world’s 2.5 billion Christians. And to the remaining 5 billion people, including Muslims Atheists Hindus Buddhists Animists & Jews, Happy Monday.

This is America and we aren't going to throw out 11 million people who are undocumented. We’re not going to turn against Muslims.

I'm taking tonight to grieve for minorities, women, immigrants, muslims & the LGBTQ community but tomorrow I'm waking up ready to fight.

Except for African Americans, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants, women, veterans—and any so-called "losers" or "dummies."