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We see #MurdochsPetitionPanic  becoming even more frantic. They appear to be settling on a strategy — personally smear anyone who supports a Royal Commission, rather than face reality of Murdoch’s toxic brand after a decade of abusing monopoly power. Anything to avoid scrutiny.

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@Noahpinion  2/ As many people have pointed out, Newt Gingrich deserves mention (w Limbaugh, and Fox) in “what happened” to conservatism in 1990s onward. Trump has taken Newt's place in perversion of contemporary “conservatism.” And, Mitch. Murdoch’s role is a constant, then and now.

So Morrison, missing in action during last summer’s bushfires, still made time to kiss the ring of murdoch'>Lachlan Murdoch, one of Australia’s most influential climate sceptics — and he charged taxpayers to do it. Morrison’s leadership hinges on Murdoch’s support.

Bottom line: all the Murdoch spin-doctoring in the world won’t alter the fact that the Murdoch brand is now mud in the eyes of the Australian public. Not because of my campaign, but because of their arrogant abuse of their monopoly power over a decade plus.

Murdoch even has an anonymous columnist, “the Mocker”, a keyboard warrior who’s sole responsibility is to menace his fellow Australians. How on earth can the Liberal Government justify paying the Murdoch media $40 million in taxpayer subsidies when they publish such drivel?

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These kinds of character assassinations are a huge part of Murdoch’s strategy for seeing off threats to his business interests. How many people have been smeared on the front pages for daring to question the validity of Murdoch’s monopoly? Murdoch rules by a climate of fear.

Something new to #MurdochsPetitionPanic  is the broadening of the campaign by co-opting other media. Audio from Thursday’s festival of whinging Murdoch editors was leaked to Fairfax as a warning to others they too will be smeared for publicly backing a #MurdochRoyalCommission  .

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"A highly recognizable lineup of political figures is expected to be called as witnesses in trial including former Theranos board members and investors such as former U.S. Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and media titan murdoch'>Rupert Murdoch."

Murdoch flagship WSJ turns on Trump: ‘If Republicans lose seats Trump will be reason’ NSN4L4zYiY#WallSt 


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Watch this remarkable confrontation between a former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Paul Kelly, editor-at-large for one of Murdoch's key properties, The Australian. The subject is climate change and the Murdoch empire's disastrous legacy.

EXCLUSIVE: President Trump's influential supporter, media mogul murdoch'>Rupert Murdoch, is telling close associates he believes Joe Biden will win the election in a landslide

Australians have watched with growing anger at what the Murdoch media monopoly is doing to our country. A cancer on democracy. Today I am launching a national petition to establish a #MurdochRoyalCommission . If you value our democracy, please sign here:

Watch former Australian PRime Minister Malcolm Turnbull stuff Paul Kelly into a locker over News Corp's position on climate change. (Kelly is editor-at-large for one of RupertMurdoch’s key properties— The Australian.) This is fantastic...

According to a source, Trump phoned murdoch'>Rupert Murdoch to scream about Fox calling Arizona for Joe Biden and demanded a retraction. Murdoch refused, and the call stood

Gotta say, not happy w/the old MSM this a.m. NBC doing Trump heavy lifting giving him a platform opposite Biden, Axios peddling a misleading Trump press release about who answers the most questions & an NYT reporter pushing a garbage Murdoch attack on Biden. Same old, same old.

murdoch'>Rupert Murdoch could save lives by forcing Fox News to tell the truth about coronavirus — right now.

The 10 most irresponsible public figures in America today (in rough order): 1. Trump 2. Barr 3. Pompeo 4. Miller 5. McConnell 6. Graham 7. Meadows 8. Zuckerberg 9. Bezos 10. Murdoch Who have I left out?

Are Murdoch-owned media outlets - Fox News, the New York Post - trying to get Congresswoman killed? Genuine question. I mean, this is just astonishing.

And...most of the papers are not reporting this Basically, May is conspiring with the Press to avoid implementing Leveson 2 because her only chance of being re-elected depends on her not upsetting Murdoch, Dacre, or the Barclay brothers We live in a very deeply corrupt society