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If Mitch McConnell and Rupert Murdoch were executing a secret plan to ease Republican voters into the realization they must dump Trump and anoint DeSantis, that plan would look a lot like the televised #January6thHearings  starring Liz Cheney.

'Split Within the Murdoch Media Empire': Ari Melber Argues the Jan. 6 Hearings Are Breaking Through in Right-Wing Media

The Murdoch monopoly worked hard to delegitimise Labor throughout the election campaign. They're now recalibrating to deal with a new Labor government. We've seen this before. My discussion with @7ampodcast .

Rosie DiManno: RupertMurdoch’s soon-to-be ex-wife Jerry Hall should hold her head up high

6/ Musk has been advised by murdoch'>James Murdoch for a long time (via the Tesla board at least). The more I think about this, the less surprised I am by Musk’s general approach in the TMT sector, including his Twitter buyout effort.

Did murdoch'>Rupert Murdoch break up with Jerry Hall by text? Media mogul might have ended his marriage via digital message, it is claimed


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My personal encounter with the Murdoch media today out campaigning with Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah@rajah_mich , Labor candidate for Higgins. The Murdoch mob don’t like it when you dish it back to them. Have a look. Always a pleasure to see you, @SimoLove .

Today, all of Murdoch's major papers formally backed Morrison. That's 23 of the last 23 federal & state elections that Murdoch has supported the Liberals. Our Bias Tracker detailed this throughout the campaign. Time to show Murdoch he doesn’t own Australia: vote Morrison out.

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Australians have watched with growing anger at what the Murdoch media monopoly is doing to our country. A cancer on democracy. Today I am launching a national petition to establish a #MurdochRoyalCommission . If you value our democracy, please sign here:

Watch this remarkable confrontation between a former Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull, and Paul Kelly, editor-at-large for one of Murdoch's key properties, The Australian. The subject is climate change and the Murdoch empire's disastrous legacy.

Former Murdoch exec: "Over the past nine months I have tried, with increasing bluntness, to get Rupert to understand the real damage that Fox News is doing to America. I failed, and it was arrogant and naïve to ever have thought that I could succeed."

Sure, seize the Russian yachts. But the most harmful billionaire in the world is still murdoch'>Rupert Murdoch.

Murdoch is quietly scrubbing incriminating Covid-19 misinformation videos from websites ahead of a grilling by the Senate on Friday. Dozens of videos have vanished with no correction or apology for spreading dangerous lies. But don’t worry; we have copies. #MurdochRoyalCommission 

Just in case you wondered what RUPERT MURDOCH was doing while Fox News hosts like TUCKER CARLSON were telling millions of viewers not to trust the vaccine.

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Are Murdoch-owned media outlets - Fox News, the New York Post - trying to get Congresswoman killed? Genuine question. I mean, this is just astonishing.

And...most of the papers are not reporting this Basically, May is conspiring with the Press to avoid implementing Leveson 2 because her only chance of being re-elected depends on her not upsetting Murdoch, Dacre, or the Barclay brothers We live in a very deeply corrupt society