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The annual Munich Security Conference, which takes place in February each year, has been postponed due to the coronavirus.

"The rise of these illiberal powers is occurring at a time when international democratic unity and power are waning. The 2020 Munich Security Conference report provocatively called the moment “Westlessness.” cc: @ischinger 

An Iranian hacker group targeted high-profile government officials by sending fraudulent invites to the upcoming Munich Security Conference.

Iranian hackers target top diplomats and security officials at the Munich Security Conference.

#URGENT | Building a new wall between Russia, West over Navalny case won't be productive - Munich Security Conference head #SputnikUrgent 

Germany is prepared to do its part here with its European and regional partners. We want to build on the format that we established with Jordan, Egypt and France on the fringes of the Munich Security ConferenceForeign Minister@HeikoMaas  in Amman 2/2

2/Many weeks ago, an intrepid reporter friend pointed out to me that @SecPompeo  had, in a speech at the Munich Security Conference, referred to “radical Islamic terrorism.” Around the 1:40 mark:

“At the Munich Security Conference last year, I asked world leaders to imagine that somewhere in the world, there is a weapon that exists… that is capable of killing millions of people, bringing economies to a standstill, and casting nations into chaos.”


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How can Oleg Deripaska—a Russian oligarch who interferes in democracies in Europe & America—have the gall to show at Munich Security Conference? The conference talks about holding back Russian interference! EU friends: We urge imposing additional sanctions on Putin's cronies.

Speaking at the 2020 Munich Security Conference, discussing the battle between democracy and autocracy that faces the West today. #MSC2020  Watch here:

Susan Pompeo, the wife of Mike Pompeo, is listed in the Munich Security Conference program as “Special Assistant to the Secretary of State.” (And read the note at the bottom.) 🤨 #MSC2020 

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Mike Pompeo met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference on Friday in an encounter the American side apparently wanted to keep under wraps

Just back from the Munich Security Conference and my biggest takeaway is the Trump Administration telling Europe it was championing western values through strong alliances felt like gaslighting to everyone not in the Trump Administration.

Wheels up from President Zelensky meeting in Ukraine. Heading to Munich Security Conference (where I will be doing a joint public event with Zelensky).

As Trump has alienated so many of our key allies, and brought low our standing in the world, Congress must stand up. Was proud to join Nancy Pelosi at the Munich Security Conference and champion human rights. Showing leadership when the president won’t. That’s @NancyPelosi .

Today’s busy schedule at the Munich Security Conference started with a sunrise session with , senior U.S. military commanders, & international dignitaries. #MSC19 

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This week saw Members say a final goodbye to our colleague, Chairman John Dingell, met with the President of Colombia, and attended the Munich Security Conference. Here are a few moments that stood out:

Hey America, you're represented at the Munich Security Conference by Mike Pence and Ivanka. How does that make you feel? Secure?