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Six TMC MPs were suspended for the day for carrying placards while protesting along with other opposition MPs over the #Pegasus  spying issue. #Parliament 

🔴The Government should take "golden shares" in defence companies critical to UK national security such as Meggitt to stop them falling to foreign predators, MPs on the Defence select committee have said

MPs call for action to end ‘chaotic’ scenes at borders ahead of relaxation of travel rules

$MGGT MPs call for government to expand 'golden share' scheme for UK defence sector #MGGT  #Katie_Proactive 

When some leaders raised the issue of some MPs being named today, he said that he had to do so out of deep concern over the course of events in the House since the start of the Session & amid reports that some parties have publicly vowed to ensure washout of this session: Source

#Barnardo ’s blogpost on white privilege did not breach charity laws —- this blog post describes how to talk about a sensitive topic with children … headbanger mps'>Tory MPs all go insane and talk about Marxism 😂🤷🏼‍♂️ if you ignore it, it goes away?

#NewsUpdate | #AbhishekBanerjee  reacts to suspension of 6 #TMC  MPs from #RajyaSabha ; says 'The crackdown on our MPs clearly indicates that #BJP 's 56-inch godfather has conceded defeat! You can suspend us but you cannot silence us!'

#Parliament logjam: 6 #TMC  MPs suspended for a day. Opposition protests, blames sarkar. Amit with latest updates & analysis.

Border chaos is leaving the UK “dangerously exposed” to new #Covid  variants, a group of MPs has warned


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MPs just voted on the Tories' new NHS Bill. It extends NHS privatisation, opens the floodgates to cronyism, & incentivises cuts & closures. It's really an NHS Corporate Takeover Bill. I voted against it, but Tory MPs voted it through. I'll keep fighting for our NHS 👊🏽

MPs just voted on Priti Patel's horrific Nationality and Borders Bill. It criminalises boats rescuing people at sea and attacks refugee rights, violating our 70-year commitment to the Refugee Convention. I voted against it. Not a single Tory MP did the same. Heartless.

‘Brexit deal never made sense’ says man who negotiated it, signed it, prevented MPs from scrutinising it, campaigned for it and won a general election on the back of it:

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Something pathetic about dozens of middle-aged not very bright men and women (mps'>Tory MPs) tweeting cut and paste joy and expecting congratulations for taking away the rights of young people to travel, work and live in some of the greatest, safest, most prosperous countries on earth

All those who want CBI inquiry into the circumstances of SSR’s unnatural death should ask their constituency MPs to write, like me, to PM asking for a CBI inquiry.

All the MPs who voted against giving nurses a pay rise in 2017

I have welcomed the MPs’ pay cut by 30% for a year. I also think the Rs.25, 000 crores new Parliament building construction should be postponed for a year too.

MPs offered an extra £10,000 each to work from home, coming as a great comfort to nurses wearing bin bags to protect themselves from coronavirus.

All the MPs who voted against giving nurses a pay rise in 2017