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Ukraine accused 2 Russian soldiers of sexually assaulting 4yo girl & gang raping her mother at gunpoint, acc to UA prosecution files seen by Reuters The father was beaten w/ metal pot then forced to kneel to watch. The soldiers aged 32 and 28 returned to RU

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First responders learned of the tragedy when 3-year-old R.C. was spotted on the beach, walking alone, and told someone his mother had 'gone out in the water.'

A mother said she was concerned about a shift in her five-year-old son’s behavior, so she sent him to school with a recording device.

'How I Met Your Mother' star reportedly dating reality TV dancer-choreographer, more news

👶 🍼 LINDSAY LOHAN PREGNANT: An over-joyed @dinalohan  tells WINS: 'I am beyond blessed with this beautiful gift. It’s amazing. As a mother I am full. I am so happy. I can't stop smiling'

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Global superstar @Meghan_Trainor  opens up to Sunrise about motherhood, @AustralianIdol , and working with @KrisJenner  on the video for her new single 'Mother' 📍 WATCH:

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His foster daughter's mother went missing, then her babysitter. Now, while Greg O’Rourke works on finding the babysitter, he worries that his foster daughter could go missing, too.

Woman suing after ancestry DNA test led her to info about mother's alleged rapist

Woman suing after DNA test led her to info about mother's alleged rapist


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Whoever filled out a cougar sighting report and wrote "your mother" under the description drop your @ we just want to talk

ELEPHANT RESCUE: A veterinarian and national park staff saved an elephant mother in Thailand after they performed CPR on her Wednesday The elephant fainted from stress after her calf fell and got stuck in a hole. They were both rescued and safely walked back into the wild.

jewish law requires an abortion if the fetus is threatening the mother’s life. “religious freedom” in america only ever applies to the white christian masses.

Took blessings of my mother today as she enters her 100th year...

Praying for Breonna’s mother and family. Because they knew and loved her before her name became a hashtag.

Even if you can’t give the moms in your life a hug today, I hope you can give them an extra thank you today. Thank you and Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who makes it all possible. Love you, @MichelleObama .

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As you honor my father today, please remember and honor my mother, as well. She was the architect of the King Legacy and founder of , which she founded two months after Daddy died. Without , there would #CorettaScottKingbe  no . #MLKDay  #MLK50Forward  #MLK 

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Good morning Mr. President. It would never have occurred to my mother or my father to ask me. Were you giving our country away? Hoping not.

The President shared a GIF of him hitting a golf ball at my mother & I didn't block him (though I did wish he had been focused on the UN).