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Experts warn that the US could soon lose control of monkeypox

Hamilton reports first monkeypox case, says resident “most likely” got infected during Toronto visit

As of July 4, Quebec has 211 confirmed monkeypox cases, while there are 77 cases in Ontario, eight confirmed cases in Alberta and four cases in British Columbia.

State health officials say they expect to see commercial labs open up more testing sites for Monkeypox after a second case was confirmed in North Carolina.

US 'could soon lose control of monkeypox due to lack of testing and limited access to vaccines'

Ireland to receive more monkeypox vaccines

@TomBollyky , @samckiernan , and Hamza Tariq Chaudhry consider how the United States and other wealthy countries can help ensure that monkeypox vaccines go where they can best disrupt transmission, prevent deaths, and stop other severe outcomes.

An adult from north-central Iowa is infected with the state's first probable case of monkeypox.

#AndinaEnglish Peru: 15 monkeypox cases identified in 5 districts across Metropolitan Lima. 👉

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MONKEYPOX IN GEORGIA: Nearly a dozen cases of monkeypox have been reported in Georgia, according to health officials. All of the patients have been men living in the metro Atlanta area.


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In care you're bored with current conspiracy theories, there was a scenario planning in 2021 at the Munich Security Conference with eerily accurate dates of a monkeypox biological attack.

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[BREAKING NEWS] The first case of Monkeypox in South Africa has been confirmed. #eNCA  #DStv403 

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BREAKING: The United States has reported its first case of monkeypox

The vaccine for monkeypox is the smallpox vaccine, which successfully eradicated a disease that killed 300 million people since 1900. It was one of mankind’s greatest achievements, comparable to going to the Moon - which Candace also believes never happened. Sigh.

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BREAKING: Canada reports 13 new suspected cases of monkeypox

BREAKING: First case of monkeypox reported in Australia

🚨Here you go: What we know & don’t know about monkeypox, & how to think about the current outbreak. One thing: It’s unique partly because it’s, er, happening amid a pandemic. Our reactions are deeply influenced by the last 3 years—in good & bad ways. 1/

BREAKING: Spain reports 7 new cases and Portugal reports 9 new cases of monkeypox

JUST IN: A Massachusetts resident has tested positive for monkeypox, the state health department confirms.

Two cases of monkeypox have been reported in the United States. And there's a small outbreak in England, Portugal, and Spain. Here's what to know.