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Who managed economy better: Manmohan Singh or Narendra Modi? Here's what @syedzafarBJP , BJP spokesperson and Congress Spokesperson@AnshulAvijit  have to say. #MoodOfTheNation  #MOTN2023  | @rahulkanwal  @sardesairajdeep 

Modi govt understands the aspirational level of the middle class: @syedzafarBJP , BJP spokesperson The govt has no understanding of macro-economics: @AnshulAvijit , Congress Spokesperson#MoodOfTheNation  #MOTN2023  | @rahulkanwal  @sardesairajdeep 

INIndian authorities detained several students in Delhi for planning to screen banned BBC documentary, “India: The Modi Question.” The film is about the 2002 Gujarat riots and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in the violence

#SayBharatMataKiJai @RShivshankarighlights  the 'lobby' supporting the 'Naara-E-Takbeer, Allah-Hu-Akbar' slogans in AMU. Mr. Shivshankar also speaks about controversy around the screening of BBC documentary on PM Modi around different university campuses. Watch#IndiaUpfront 

All India Radio invites applications to design logo depicting 100th episode of PM Modi's Mann Ki Baat programme

The BBC released the first part of the two-part series, which highlighted a British government document that said Modi was “responsible” for the anti-Muslim riots in Gujarat when he was the state’s chief minister.

Who managed economy better: Manmohan Singh or Narendra Modi? Here's what @syedzafarBJP , BJP spokesperson and Congress Spokesperson@AnshulAvijit  has to say. #MoodOfTheNation  #MOTN2023  | @rahulkanwal  @sardesairajdeep 

Has Modi government generated jobs? Listen in to what SC Garg has say. "Economy hasn't been handled very well in the last 3 years", he adds. #MoodOfTheNation  #MOTN2023  | @rahulkanwal  @sardesairajdeep 

Has Modi govt generated jobs? @rajchengappa  says "the govt is trying its best. PM Modi is making a serious effort to tackle the problem". Listen in. It is the trustworthiness of PM that people are rating him high: @YRDeshmukh  #MoodOfTheNation  | @rahulkanwal  @sardesairajdeep 


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India has banned a BBC documentary about Prime Minister NarendraModi’s role in the 2002 riots in Gujarat state. The documentary highlighted a report that found Modi “directly responsible” for the “climate of impunity” enabling the violence.

Stop blaming Modi for Delhi riots and all things evil in India

Modi is a coward and a psycopath

@Shehzad_Ind  tells what the Modi govt has done in the last 8 years. #NewsToday  with @sardesairajdeep 

In his ID speech in 2017, Modi made the following promises to be achieved by 15th August of 2022: ~ 2 crore new jobs every year, ~ housing for all, -doubling farmers' income, ~bullet train. Has it happened? What is he going to promise this 15th August speech this year?

#WATCH | US President Joe Biden walked up to modi'>Prime Minister Narendra Modi to greet him ahead of the G7 Summit at Schloss Elmau in Germany. (Source: Reuters)

Great honor, I think? Mark Zuckerberg recently stated that “Donald J. Trump is Number 1 on Facebook. Number 2 is Prime Minister Modi of India.” Actually, I am going to India in two weeks. Looking forward to it!

Thank you Modi' alt='NarendraModi' /'>@NarendraModi , thank you India, for your support and for standing with Israel at the UN. ????

Thank you Houston for such amazing affection! Modi' alt='HowdyModi' /'>#HowdyModi 

National Conference wants 2 PMs, 1 in Kashmir & 1 for rest of India. Does Mamata Didi agree? Does U-Turn Babu agree? Does Pawar Sahab agree? Does former PM Deve Gowda Ji agree? Shame on the Opposition! Till Modi is there, no one can divide India!