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The Scottish Government has defended the SQA's exam results moderation process following criticism it’s been a 'train wreck'.

I've crunched the numbers on the exam results and the trend is the same across the board National 5s: pass rate for poorest students fell 10.5% after moderation Higher: fell 15.2% per cent Advanced Higher: fell 10.8% For richest students: fell by only 5.2%, 6.9% and 7.3%

Without moderation, the rate of attainment at grades A to C compared to last year would have increased by 10.4% in Nat 5, 14% at Higher and 13.4% for advanced Higher. Education Secretary@JohnSwinney  More on this story ➡

The results were created using attainment estimates from teachers, and moderation from the SQA.

Results were based on a combination of teacher estimates and national moderation after exams were cancelled due to #coronavirus 

Dark chocolate's benefits continue to pour in, especially as a heart-healthy option. But, as in all things, moderation is key. Chocolate is chock-full of antioxidants that help reduce inflammation, improve blood flow and boost mood and concentration.

MS patient Vickie Whyte shares her battle with depression and fatigue and now inspires others with this message: “You can do whatever you want to do with MS, but do it in moderation.”

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If @JoeBiden  wants to win, he needs someone who reinforces his image of steady moderation and competent pragmatism. @QuinHillyer 

FCC opens up for comment on regulations around the moderation of political speech online. The Trump admin sent over a petition last wk "Longstanding rules require the agency to put such petitions out for public comment ‘promptly,’ and we will follow that requirement," FCC says

Non-Covid occupancies are rising and hovering at 40-45% The slight moderation in number in major cities like Mumbai seems to have played a part in bringing back confidence in patients to visit hospitals again, @sohinidastweets  reports


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I've always been a fan of moderation, but only in moderation.

I’m a fan of moderation, but only in moderation.

the klobuchar townhall exposed the lie that she's a moderate liberal. no: she's a boring liberal. and her monotony was mistake for moderation. She's a leftist on ZZquil.

#MissUniverse  Catriona Gray: "I am for being used in a medical use, but not so for recreational use because I think if people were to argue, what about alcohol and cigarettes? Everything is good but in moderation. " LIVE BLOG:

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children suffering from some kind of "gaming disorder" ? we should call it what it really is. irresponsible parenting disorder. like anything else... moderation is key. My mom had NO PROBLEM telling me when i could and couldnt grind away on the Nintendo.

Looking forward to meeting His Majesty King Abdullah II today. We will take part in a conference on ‘Islamic Heritage: Promoting Understanding and Moderation’ at 10:30 this morning in Delhi. After that, we shall be holding talks aimed at boosting India-Jordan relations.

id rather chill with 3 people than 30. Partying is good in moderation, but not when you're on a mission.

Everything in moderation...including moderation

Partying is cool tho too haha in moderation of course.