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Miyagi facility on lessons from March 2011 disaster opens

Fishing industry in Miyagi Prefecture town hauls in sharks for consumption without waste

Netflix has released a batch of first-look images for Season 5 of #CobraKai  featuring ‘The Karate Kid Part III’ star Sean Kanan returning to the ‘Miyagi-Verse’ as Mike Barnes, and Alicia Hannah-Kim’s debut as South Korean sensei, Kim Da-Eun

Seiko Gakuin misses place in high school baseball final, losing to Sendai Ikuei in semis Seiko Gakuin of Fukushima Prefecture lost 18-4 to Sendai Ikuei Gakuen from Miyagi Prefecture in the semifinals on the 13th day of the 104th National High School Base…

Tokyo reported 25,277 new cases, up 1,504 from the same day a week earlier, while in Osaka Prefecture, 23,098 new cases were reported. Record numbers of cases were confirmed in Miyagi, Yamagata, Tottori, Okayama and Tokushima prefectures, with 254 ...

Festival vibes take over the Upper Deck! 🦩 With food by Mr. Miyagi and cocktails by The Everleigh, soak up the atmosphere before your Winter Gig at Melbourne Park. ℹ

🎶 𝗦𝗛𝗢𝗪𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗘 🎶 Pre-show plans? Be sure to wander up to the Upper Deck for food by Mr. Miyagi and cocktails by The Everleigh! 🍹 ℹ Ticketing & Event Info:

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NEW POST: What Would Mr. Miyagi Would Do in This Market? $AAPL $AMZN $QQQ $SPY $UVXY

Production of Interior and Exterior Products Begins at Toyoda Gosei Group Miyagi Ohira Plant $TYO:7282


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[Earthquake Information] 23:36 JST on 16 Mar 2022, Seismic intensity 6+ at Northern Miyagi Prefecture. Watch out for new information. Those in affected areas, do not panic.

The 7.3-magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Fukushima and Miyagi. Japan's east coast lies along the 'Ring of Fire,' where the deadly 2011 earthquake and tsunami that killed nearly 20,000 people and triggered a nuclear disaster in Fukushima

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BREAKING: A magnitude 7.3 earthquake struck the northeastern prefectures of Miyagi and Fukushima on Wednesday night, registering a strong 6 on Japan’s seismic scale.

Did you know? The flowers inside the 'victory bouquet' at Olympics were grown in areas affected by the 2011 earthquake. Bouquet include eustomas and Solomon’s seals from Fukushima, sunflowers from Miyagi, gentians from Iwate, and aspidistras from Tokyo. #Tokyo2020  @CBCOlympics 

JUST IN: 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Miyagi prefecture, northern Japan.

BREAKING: Magnitude 7.1 quake measuring upper 6 on Japanese scale hits Miyagi, Fukushima prefectures in northeastern Japan. There is no possibility of tsunami.

[Earthquake Information] 23:07 JST on 13 Feb 2021, Seismic intensity 6+ at Southern Miyagi Prefecture. Epicenter:Off the Coast of Fukushima Prefecture, depth 60km, estimated magnitude 7.1.

On this date in 1984, Daniel LaRusso defeated the Cobra Kai with Mr. Miyagi's help to win the Under-18 All-Valley Karate Tournament.

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Liverpool quote (after sick Chelsea fans sung about Mo Salah: This behaviour needs to be called out for what it is - unadulterated bigotry. Liverpool quote on Mr Miyagi taunts to Asian member of public: .........nothing :(