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‘I lost everything I had due to the upgrades and a bunch of guys that didn’t like Black folks’ — This former chicken grower from Mississippi is speaking out against racial discrimination in industrial farming (with @MercyForAnimals )

Red=Delta (Green=pre-Delta) It's still early into the period of waning, w/ frequency of exposures increasing over time. Recall the UK (and other countries) decision to provide 3rd shots irrespective of vaccine to all age 50+ is at odds with FDA/CDC (Pfizer only, age 65+)

Delta Airlines wants competitors to share info about unruly passengers via @todayng 

Delta overwhelming other COVID variants of concern: WHO

Mississippi State running back Jo'quavious Marks leaves with injury vs. LSU football #HailState  #SEC  #GeauxTigers  🏈

“I think on the back end of this delta wave, this may be our last major surge of coronavirus before we settle into a more seasonal endemic pattern with this virus,” says former FDA head Scott Gottlieb.

Delta Airlines wants competitors to share info about unruly passengers

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Delta said it made its decision in an effort to keep crewmembers and customers safe after an onslaught of incidents with unruly passengers.

Mississippi State vs. LSU football video highlights, score #GeauxTigers  #SEC  #HailState  🏈

Mississippi House and Senate negotiators said Thursday that they have agreed on a proposed medical marijuana program.

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Delta CEO calling the delta variant by its formal name

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This Delta variant is no joke. Get vaccinated.

Don’t let the fearmongers win. New public England study of delta variant shows 44 deaths out of 53,822 (.08%) in unvaccinated group. Hmmm.

Dr. Catherine O’Neal from LSU breaks down the Delta variant — and why everyone should get vaccinated. Take a measly three minutes and check it out. Then pass it on if you feel it…

Delta is reaching out to the NRA to let them know we will be ending their contract for discounted rates through our group travel program. We will be requesting that the NRA remove our information from their website.

The Delta variant is on the rise. Get vaccinated.

Apparently I was trending. 1) I’m still here. 2) Get vaccinated. This Delta Variant is real. The risks are real. And the vaccines are really safe and really effective. (Can we get this tweet to trend too?) #RatherBeVaccinated 

One of these is not like the other: - Taco Bell CEO: We’ll pay all of our employees no matter what. - Delta CEO: I am forgoing my entire salary for 6 months to avoid layoffs. - Whole Foods CEO: Employees who are not sick should “donate” their vacation time to sick employees.

Mitch McConnell says $2,000 checks are "socialism for the rich." Ha! Here are the tax rebate checks corporations received from Trump's tax plan: Amazon: $129 million Delta: $187 million Chevron: $181 million GM: $104 million IBM: $342 million That's socialism for the rich!

The governor of Mississippi just read a list of 2020 HS graduates during virtual-graduation and someone slipped-in the name "Harry Azcrac" on him...???