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Finding myself erupting in spontaneous rage every 20 minutes or so when the thought comes unbidden that they're making that one M and M significantly less hot.

And no more than 3 of the 10 Heat players who got minutes that night will play today against the Lakers.

Close one here in the O'Dome 😤 Tune in for the final minutes ⤵️ 📺:

Elon Musk takes just 9 minutes to go back on internet offer to Tonga

Now at 45 minutes, no response here either?

She was gone for 88 minutes and came back to a heartbreaking discovery. Her 10-year-old was dead.

@British_Airways  I have been on hold trying to speak to someone for 37 minutes. Your website says to contact you via Twitter, which seems insane - but since your regular phone lines don't work, please do let me know how I can speak to somebody.

"Survey reveals 40 Percent of Men Have Asked Their Partner to Change Their Pubic Hair." No, no, this can't be true. I thought it was just a trend. I like to see a forest down there. reading time 3 minute #Blogpost .

One study found that women who sniffed lavender for 20 minutes twice a week reported their hot flashes faded up to 50% more than women who didn't use the aromatherapy.

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Last week was hard, there's no denying that. We had some winners and we had some losers & we broke down the how and why on a handful of them, here: If you have a few minutes today, consider giving it a read! $SPY $DIA $QQQ $AMD $ARKK $AAPL $F


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Stunning video shows explosions just minutes ago at Beirut port

Tune in 9/23 at 3 p.m. PT for a #NintendoDirect  livestream featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused mainly on #NintendoSwitch  games launching this winter.

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Hard to tell if I recorded this 30 years or 10 minutes ago...

Sriwijaya Air flight #SJ182  lost more than 10.000 feet of altitude in less than one minute, about 4 minutes after departure from Jakarta.

I am pleased to inform you that, for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, PRIOR TO AIRTIME! This will be done so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about...

Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes not wearing a mask in the White House after her interview with me. Much more to come.

It's National Vote By Mail Day. Voting by mail is easy and safe. Take a few minutes to request your vote-by-mail ballot, then get your family and friends to do the same. Request your ballot early, send it back early, and fill it out carefully. Get started:

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I think I sold that same place out in five minutes. ? #donkeyshow 

Health care workers wear masks for 5+ hours non-stop. You can wear one for 45 minutes.

Been homeschooling a 6-year old and 8-year old for one hour and 11 minutes. Teachers deserve to make a billion dollars a year. Or a week.