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RIGHT NOW: Minneapolis City Council is voting on a settlement the would pay Lucas McDonough $1 million after an off-duty police officer put him in a chokehold, punched him and knocked him unconscious outside a bar in 2017.

Minneapolis businesses have jumped into the fray of the debate over the city's police budget, raising $5M to pay for innovation in community safety. The amount equals what three Minneapolis council members propose to cut from police overtime for next year.

New Proposal to Defund Minneapolis Police Riles Up Residents - American Experiment Minneapolis Crime Out of Control, City Council Proposes Defunding Police

Minneapolis City Council agrees on an alternative public safety approach, but cuts to police remain undecided.

A majority of the Minneapolis City Council pledged this summer to “begin the process of ending the Minneapolis Police Department.” But activists say that 6 months after police killed George Floyd, things are not changing.

Minneapolis city council members push new anti-police plan to cut budget, officer count amid violent crime #politicalhedge 

Minneapolis City Council members overwhelmingly express support for broadening the city's approach to public safety — but they still disagree on whether they should cut the police budget to do it.

Hundreds Sign Up To Speak Out At Minneapolis City Council Meeting About Proposed MPD Cuts

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Hundreds of people addressed the city council on Wednesday during a lengthy budget hearing, highlighting the deep divisions across Minneapolis about how to fund the police department in 2021.


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Andrea Jenkins, vice president of Minneapolis City Council, says George Floyd and Officer Chauvin worked at restaurant near Third Precinct. "They were coworkers for a very long time."

BREAKING: A veto-proof majority of Minneapolis City Council members will announce today their commitment to disbanding the city’s embattled police department following the killing of George Floyd.

The mayor of Minneapolis is a Democrat. The governor of Minnesota is a Democrat. The Minneapolis City Council has no Republicans. Don't tell people "voting blue is the most important thing." They've been doing that for decades and it hasn't worked.

Breaking News: A veto-proof majority of the Minneapolis City Council pledged to dismantle the city’s Police Department, vowing to create a new public safety system

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Remember, it’s not just the leftwing Minneapolis City Council moving to abolish their police department, Dem mayors like De Blasio in NYC & Garcetti in LA are bragging about cutting funding to the police departments in their cities...And @JoeBiden  refuses to condemn any of it!

The City of Minneapolis is spending $4,500 a day for private security for three city council members. Yes, this is the same city council that just voted to ‘Abolish the Police’.

-LA Mayor Eric Garcetti wants to #DefundThePolice . -NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio wants to Defund The Police. -The Minneapolis City Council wants to #AbolishThePolice . Insanity!

Great decision.  The president offered the National Guard but the pathetic governor waited and waited.  And now the Minneapolis city council votes to abolish its police department.   Pay for your own man-made hell.  So much for utopia.

“Minneapolis City Council unanimously approves proposal to disband police.” @TIME  The Democrats would do this all over the U.S. It would be a disaster for safety & security!

BREAKING: in an emergency session this afternoon, Minneapolis City Council will ban chokeholds by police and require officers to intervene anytime they see unauthorized use of force by another officer.