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Michael Pascoe:Intriguing that Marles has so immediately ordered doubles of the Kool-Aid, rather than taking the opportunity to coolly assess the couple of hundred billion dollars Australia might be blowing on a dud defence purchase | The New Daily

Saints WR Michael Thomas leaves Panthers game in 4th quarter with an injury

Michael Pascoe: When everyone knows what’s needed, but none is game | The New Daily

Climate scientist @MichaelEMann  says "we are experiencing devastating consequences of past climate inaction."

"Sometimes I think I would just deserve to be killed and others times I think I could do some good for a lot of people. It would be beneficial that I were released some day." - Michael Carneal

The Saints WR position has been decimated with Jarvis Landry and Michael Thomas already out -- and now Tre'Quan Smith is down with what might be a head injury.

MICHAEL AVERY: Let’s settle the baseload debate once and for all

“No one wants to forgive me for the criminal acts I committed 34 years ago,” Michael Watkins said. “Why must I still be punished for the rest of my life?”

Reminds me of the Michael Vick Monday night game


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‘If Facebook were around in the 1930s, it would have allowed Hitler to post 30-second ads’ — Listen to Sacha Baron Cohen slam the social media industry for facilitating the spread of hate, lies, and conspiracies

"Until we educate the entire human race, this thing will not stop." Michael Holding delivers a powerful message, explaining why #BlackLivesMatter .

Dolphins safety Michael Thomas started breaking up when talking about Trump calling him "a son of a b!tch."

What happened to General Michael Flynn, a war hero, should never be allowed to happen to a citizen of the United States again!

First time I've been to breakfast with Michael... First time he's been to breakfast.

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Could everyone PLEASE stop sharing this video of Michael Lofthouse? He’s the founder & CEO of Solid8, a tech company based in San Francisco. If it goes viral it could hurt Michael Lofthouse and Solid8, his company. Let’s all be nice to Michael Lofthouse and Solid8.

@CNN  doesn’t want to speak about their persecution of General Michael Flynn & why they got the story so wrong. They, along with others, should pay a big price for what they have purposely done to this man & his family. They won’t even cover the big breaking news about this scam!

Trump’s dead of night decision to fire ICIG Michael Atkinson is another blatant attempt to gut the independence of the Intelligence Community and retaliate against those who dare to expose presidential wrongdoing. It puts our country and national security at even greater risk.

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