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Giants should keep the red end zones at MetLife Stadium the rest of the season. There I said it. Like if you agree

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Velus Jones Jr. just came out for a pregame warm up at MetLife. He's officially questionable but tweeted as if he will be active/play today.

“I wouldn’t play with a concussion. There’s more to life than football.” Enhanced NFL diligence with concussions at MetLife Stadium today, from Carl Cheffers sending off Tyrod Taylor to the spotter stopping play for Julian Love

All that was missing from the end of this game was circus music. MetLife Stadium set off fireworks before the play was over. The Giants are 3-1 heading to London

Two teams that will forever be associated together because of a 2021 NFL Draft day trade will face off at MetLife Stadium this Sunday. @PLeonardNYDN 

Giants and Bears arrival videos at MetLife over on IG! Robert Quinn blasting tunes 😂

Why a sports betting company will brand the new train line to MetLife Stadium.

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The Giants are trying to get back into the win column as the Bears come into MetLife Stadium

The Chicago Bears and New York Giants meet in NFL Week 4 action at MetLife Stadium on Sunday. This data-driven betting preview is based on 10K game simulations.

$MET [15s. delayed]: Issued Press Release on September 29, 10:08:00: MetLife Recognized for Hispanic Inclusion


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just landed in New York. somebody tell jimin and hoseok to hide before I find them and box them for clowning me onstage at MetLife. my own home state. the audacity. ??

MetLife crowd lost it when the Giants took Jones (via @BigBlueVCR )

Standing ovation for Eli Manning at MetLife ?? (via @Giants )

This black cat has spent more time in the MetLife Stadium endzone than the NY Jets

LSU products. Best friends. And when @OBJ_3  & @God_Son80  take the field at MetLife... this is what happens. ?

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BTS fans, take heart — a second show appears to be coming. MetLife Stadium announced Friday that the May 18 BTS "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself" tour show at the stadium had sold out. Army #BTSMetlife  #BTS  #BTSArmy 

JUST IN: MetLife ends discount program with NRA after Florida school shooting

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The sheer size of MetLife is just astounding. Awesome gig tonight :)