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$RKLB [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Director Saintil Merline: Converted securities 362,386 of Common Stock at price $0 on 2022-09-06, increased holding by 951% to 400,476 shares

$NHICU [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Director Saintil Merline: Converted securities 14,500 of Class A Common Stock at price $0 on 2022-05-26, holding 14,500 shares

$SNX [15s. delayed] filed SEC form 4: Insider Saintil Merline: Granted 1,792 of Common Stock at price $0 on 2022-03-31, increased holding by 233% to 2,560 shares

The threat of possible deportation on both sides of the border created the sensation of an open-air jail, Haitian migrant Nelson Saintil said.

After more than a week at this crossing on the U.S.-Mexico border, Haitian migrant Nelson Saintil felt like the walls were beginning to close in on him and his family.

“I am concerned that the struggles we are facing now can force me to shut down. The orders have gone down significantly because I guess people are just at home and cooking for themselves more.” - Merline Forrester, owner, Sunset Caribbean

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Police said Lifestar has been requested to the scene of a motorcycle accident on Route 83 at Merline Thursday night.​

Meet Saintil Darilus Anderson, a Haitian orphan who was adopted by missionaries from Lafayette and dreams of playing tennis in college, and the former tennis stars who are helping him.

The bad road and the hard commute forced many of Merline's friends out of Labadee, #Haiti . "They were always late for school”, she remembers. Here’s how things have changed for the better:


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Judge calls a recess during opening statements of Katherine Saintil-Brown’s trial after outburst by her son. via

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Among those honored for getting dozens of #Haiti  mayors to SFla for two days of management & disaster risk training: Merline Joseph.

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The lawsuit says that the 15 invading officers broke through the entrance door to Saintil's apartment.

The color is rich, but the execution is definitely not perfect #DesignerMerline  @ProjectRunway