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French police arrest 3 over online porn violence

USFR US President#JoeBiden  will host his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron at the White House on December 1 for the first full-scale state visit of his administration. Why was Macron chosen for the first state visit of his presidency? @ketgorjestani  explains ⤵️

Earlier this month, French President Emannuel Macron pledged his country's unwavering support for Kyiv in what he said would be a long war.

When Lloyd first opened back in 2010, executive chef and co-owner Chris Dorsaneo was searching for his unique riff on the typical French fry. What he came up with became

French Pres. Emmanuel Macron will travel to DC in early December for the first state visit of Pres. Joe Biden's tenure, an occasion marked by pomp and pageantry that is designed to celebrate relations between the United States and its closest allies.

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One local mom said she was at Kennywood Park for a birthday party on Saturday with a group of kids ranging in age from six to 13. She began noticing red flags even before they made it through the gates.

'Annoying… unbearable': How the Swiss see their French neighbours — and vice versa - The Local Switzerland

‘Love Island on a cruise ship’: reality dating sets sail for new horizons | Melinda Houston


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Elon Musk came from a family that owned an emerald mine in Apartheid South Africa. Bill Gates’ mom helped Microsoft get a deal with IBM. Jeff Bezos’ garage-based start was funded by a quarter-million dollar investment from his parents. “Self-made billionaires” are a myth.

For more than 30 years, plastic phones shaped like the cartoon cat Garfield have been washing up on French beaches. The mystery is now solved: a shipping container which washed up during a storm in the 1980s was found in a hidden sea cave ? Fred Tanneau

In the French elections, given the choice between progressives who want to increase taxes on the rich, or right-wing extremists who are viciously anti-immigrant, the pro-business "centrist" party of Macron just couldn't make a choice. There's a lesson to be learned here.

(from making fun of Gates for shorting Tesla while claiming to support climate change action)

Official statement: La Liga announce they have now reported Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA because of Kylian Mbappé deal. 🚨 #Mbapp é “This is a scandal. We will now report PSG to Uefa, French autorities and EU authorities”. ⤵️📑

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There's so much I admire about the French: their sophistication, their cinema, their willingness to prosecute former presidents.

This angry Florida woman argued today against the mask mandate, while bringing up the devil, 5G, Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton, "the pedophiles" and the deep state. Enjoy...

So Bill Gates is unhappy that USA halted our funding for the WHO, after they parroted CCP propaganda & aided China’s Wuhan cover-up. Well, quick math: USA funds $400m/yr to WHO & Gates is worth $103bn...he could personally fund the US share for 257 years!

As we celebrate Black History Month and Jackie Robinson’s 100th birthday, we celebrate the life of all whose courage opened the gates for everybody, and in the process, made America better.

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wonder woman may have saved some french villagers but the woman that directed the film saved the entire dc franchise now that's a superhero