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Victoria's single new positive Covid-19 infection is a parent of a student at a Preston school, but health authorities say there is no clear link to a major outbreak in Melbourne's northern suburbs. @andrew_lund  #9News 

Maskless anti-lockdown protesters gathered at Melbourne's sacred war memorial are shouting "free Victoria" amid a strong police response.

Victoria Police are appealing for the public's help in identifying a suspect after a Melbourne woman lost more than $8000 in a telephone scam. #9News 

Police arrest demonstrators as hundreds gather for Melbourne anti-lockdown protest

Buried deep under the streets of Melbourne is a treasure trove of Australia's cultural history. It's called the Australian Performing Arts Collection. #abc730  @PAC_ArtsCentre 

83 school families are among close to 800 people self-isolating after potentially being exposed to an emerging Covid cluster in Melbourne's northern suburbs. @andrew_lund  #9News 

Melbourne scientists pioneering a controversial COVID drug trial are calling for more volunteers. They're investigating if hydroxychloroquine can prevent healthcare workers from catching the virus. @EstelleGriepink  #7NEWS 

Dozens of anti-lockdown protesters have sparked mayhem in Melbourne, with police forming a ring around the rowdy crowd amid blatant breaches of health directions. #9News 

Police arrest demonstrators as hundreds gather for Melbourne anti-lockdown protest


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Time for a bit of Melbourne tonight !!!! Let's av ya !

Thanks Melbourne for being so amazing ! Gigs have been FAB! Feels great seeing you all again thank you for allowing us to do this as a job x

Lots of people asking for us to come to Melbourne will try our best

Met some incredible fans both in Sydney and Melbourne today. #mybeliebers  thanks

Thank you Melbourne ace show deffo loudest so far what a great way to come towards the end also #drunktweet  waheyyyy still managed to spell

Melbourne simply wooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing show huge

Melbourne are you ready for tonight ? Its good to be back . Can't wait for the show,

*finishes playing sunrise in Melbourne to 5000 people* "sup Michael?" "nm u?"