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Israel extradites former principal accused of sexually abusing girls at a Melbourne school

Former school principal Malka Leifer is on her way back to Australia from Israel to face child sex abuse charges in Melbourne.

An Israeli woman accused of sexually abusing students at an Australian school has been extradited from Israel, reports say. Malka Leifer faces 74 counts of sexual abuse related to her tenure as a principal at a Jewish girls’ school in Melbourne.

#BREAKING : #melbourne '>Forme #Melbourne  school principal Malka Leifer has been extradited from Israel to face sexual abuse charges in Australia. Israeli media are reporting she will be flown to Germany and then to Australia, where she’s facing 74 charges in Melbourne.

Malka leifer, a former teacher accused of abusing students in Melbourne, is on her way to Australia after a six year legal battle in Israel.

Experts say a stray cat population spike with devastating impacts on native wildlife has hit Melbourne after many councils abandoned trapping programs during COVID lockdown.

Sydney investors are being warned off buying in their home city and told to look to Melbourne by one of their own.

#BREAKING Accused sex predator Malka Leifer has been put on the plane from Israel to Melbourne, capping a near decade-long campaign by the sisters she is alleged to have abused to have her face court in Australia.

Will’s Way. 🏏 From the MCC to debuting for the Australian Test team, find out about Will Pucovski’s pathway through the Melbourne Cricket Club: (Photo: Saeed Khan/ AFP via Getty Images)

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Temperatures across Melbourne have plummeted as a cool change sweeps across the state. There’s now a chance of rain and storms.


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Time for a bit of Melbourne tonight !!!! Let's av ya !

Thanks Melbourne for being so amazing ! Gigs have been FAB! Feels great seeing you all again thank you for allowing us to do this as a job x

Lots of people asking for us to come to Melbourne will try our best

Met some incredible fans both in Sydney and Melbourne today. #mybeliebers  thanks

Thank you Melbourne ace show deffo loudest so far what a great way to come towards the end also #drunktweet  waheyyyy still managed to spell

Melbourne simply wooooooooowwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing show huge

Melbourne are you ready for tonight ? Its good to be back . Can't wait for the show,

*finishes playing sunrise in Melbourne to 5000 people* "sup Michael?" "nm u?"