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At least 17 people were killed after two boats carrying asylum seekers sank off Greece. At least 1 was a child. In one sinking, survivors tried to climb up jagged cliffs to save themselves. Over 1,200 people have died or disappeared trying to cross the Mediterranean this year.

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Among the world’s 10 gas exporting countries and the first gas exporting country in the Mediterranean, #Algeria  was the third largest gas exporter to #Europe , after #Russia  and #Norway , in 2021. This context is about to completely overturn this ranking.

EXPLAINER: Fewer people cross Mediterranean; many still die

"In the medieval era, winged dragons were common in illustrated bestiaries. These dragons also commonly had legs.... But, in the sixteenth century, taxidermic hoaxes became common in the Mediterranean world, often featuring bipedal, winged dragons."

#UPDATE  Israel will reject Lebanon's amendments to a US-drafted proposal on resolving a long-running maritime border dispute over gas-rich waters off the countries' Mediterranean coasts 🗺️ Map showing Israel-Lebanon maritime border claims

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At least 18 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean after Greek coastguard launched desperate rescue mission

Israel has rejected Lebanese revisions to a U.S.-proposed maritime demarcation, throwing into doubt future exploration of Mediterranean gas claimed by the enemy countries, @DanWilliams  and @GebeilyM  report

The IRC is devastated by the shipwrecks that occurred overnight - the latest in a series of tragedies this year that has seen >170 lives lost or missing in the mediterranean'>East Mediterranean. IRC teams on the ground in Lesvos are on standby to support as needed.

#UPDATE  Israel said Thursday that it will reject Lebanon's amendments to a US-drafted proposal on resolving a long-running maritime border dispute over gas-rich waters off the countries' Mediterranean coasts.


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At least 94 people died after a boat carrying refugees sank near Syria, including 24 children. Most were Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese refugees escaping poverty in Lebanon, says the UN. 1,200+ migrants and refugees have died or disappeared in the Mediterranean this year.

Carried Interest serves pretty much NO ONE in Arizona - but there are some dudes on mega yachts on the Mediterranean toasting @SenatorSinema  tonight

Over 90 people drowned in the Mediterranean this weekend trying to reach Europe. Over 22,000 have died or gone missing since 2014. The UN condemned Europe's unequal treatment of asylum seekers: It ended rescues in the Mediterranean but accepted 4 million Ukrainian refugees.

"On Tuesday, the Ukrainian MoD said shiploads of stolen Ukrainian grain had reached the Mediterranean Sea on Russian-flagged vessels bound for the Middle East. In the past week, Egypt has turned away two Russian ships carrying stolen Ukrainian wheat,"

35 people are dead or missing after a boat trying to reach Europe sank off Libya on Friday, says the UN. 7,300+ people have died or gone missing in the Mediterranean in 5 years. The EU ended rescues and helped force 82,000 back to Libya, but welcomed over 4 million Ukrainians.

BREAKING: A short while ago, three rockets were fired from Lebanon into the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of northern Israel.

Fox has learned a Russian warship has entered eastern Mediterranean heading toward 2 US Navy destroyers that launched airstrikes last night

Aerial video filmed Wednesday showed the full scale of the destruction caused by a massive explosion in Beirut. It was not clear what caused the blast, which was felt as far away as Cyprus more than 180 miles across the Mediterranean

"When you wish upon a falling star..." Comet Neowise was pictured from the station on July 5 as it orbited above the Mediterranean Sea.

#Sunrise approaching the #MediterraneanSea  was a refreshing sight this morning! #YearInSpace 

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