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The Mediterranean is the most overfished sea in the world. This man has a plan to revive it—and it seems to be working. Film supported by @Blancpain1735 

Fire and sky. @AFP 's Ibrahim Chalhoub captures lightning striking off the coast of the Mediterranean city of Batroun in northern Lebanon

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A migrant who braved a near-death trip across the Mediterranean has transformed his life. Mbaye Babacar Diouf broke away from the exploitation of human traffickers to become a nurse on a COVID-19 ward in Spain. He also set up a youth charity in Senegal.

A couple's wedding rings found by rescuers weeks after their boat capsized in the Mediterranean

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh comes to Arsenal Yards, and Detroit-style pizza arrives in Natick

With offices mostly shut and face-to-face meetings rare, some are escaping Europe’s chilly north for the Mediterranean coast via @WSJ 

We're discussing our plans to support women in #Jordan  and help women-led SMEs grow👩‍💼with our Philip Ter Woort, Director for Eastern Mediterranean region & @TamaraAbdlJaber , @LanaAlamat . Supported by #EBRDdonors  🇪🇺 @EUinJordan  @eu_near .

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"Athens is also concerned about the period leading up to the inauguration of Joe Biden as the 46th US president on January 20, as Turkey may see it as a chance to expedite its expansionist agenda in the mediterranean'>Eastern Mediterranean. " @NedosVassilis 

Germany’s defense minister on Tuesday rejected Turkey’s complaints over the search of a Turkish freighter in the Mediterranean Sea by a German frigate participating in a European mission, insisting that German sailors acted correctly.


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Banksy has funded a boat to rescue refugees attempting to reach Europe from northern Africa. It set sail on Aug. 19 and has rescued 89 people. It’s now looking for a safe port. From 2014 to Oct. 2019, over 18,000 migrants died trying to get across the Mediterranean.

I follow with concern the tensions in the mediterranean'>Eastern Mediterranean area and I appeal for constructive dialogue and respect for international law to resolve the conflicts that threaten the peace of the peoples of that region.

Aerial video filmed Wednesday showed the full scale of the destruction caused by a massive explosion in Beirut. It was not clear what caused the blast, which was felt as far away as Cyprus more than 180 miles across the Mediterranean

"When you wish upon a falling star..." Comet Neowise was pictured from the station on July 5 as it orbited above the Mediterranean Sea.

This is the work the Lord entrusts for the Mediterranean: to restore broken relationships, to rebuild cities destroyed by violence, to make a garden flourish, to instill hope in who has lost it and to encourage those caught up in themselves not to fear their brothers or sisters.

NEW: Five Americans who flew by private jet to the Mediterranean island of Sardinia were refused entry to Italy on Wednesday due to new EU travel restrictions on countries with high #coronavirus  infection rates, local police tell CNN.

Refugee who survived Mediterranean crossing and Calais Jungle left disabled by vicious street attack in London

While the world focuses on airports and the #MuslimBan , refugees and migrants are still drowning in the Mediterranean Sea.

Richard Gere visits rescued migrants on board a humanitarian ship that has been stuck in the Mediterranean Sea for over a week.