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At least two-third of the population surveyed in 11 states were found to have developed coronavirus antibodies, according to the findings of a serosurvey by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) done between June 14 and July 6.

Unless a specific healthcare provider or related business or entity was sharing your private medical information without you consenting to it being shared, your HIPAA rights probably aren't being violated. @jessica_roy  explains:

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Maharashtra Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) says 95% of those who died were not vaccinated, 88% had taken only the first shot NDTV’s Puja Bhardwaj reports

Baxter is in talks to buy medical-equipment maker Hill-Rom Holdings, according to people familiar with the matter

A patient diagnosed with black fungus (Mucormycosis) at medical college hospital'>Chattogram Medical College Hospital is not getting proper treatment due to lack of an essential drug necessary for the treatment, say family members of the patient. #Bangladesh  #BlackFungus  #COVID19 

Baxter in Early Talks to Buy Medical-Device Maker Hill-Rom via WSJ #news  #WSJ 

medical officer dr tony'>Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan says the vaccination of children is important but not necessary for the reopening of schools. He told the NPHET briefing that the vaccination of 12 to 15-year-olds will not be complete before the new school year |

Baxter in Early Talks to Buy Medical-Device Maker Hill-Rom: Baxter International is in talks to buy medical-equipment maker Hill-Rom Holdings, according to people familiar with the matter. Hill-Rom has already rebuffed a… ^WSJ #Business  #Finance  #CFO 

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#Rights | How did civil society organisations share COVID-19 information? Of those surveyed by @PRIA_India  * ~ 74% conducted door-to-door visits * 55% created communication material in local languages * >50% talked about about access to medical support


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Watch this parent absolutely obliterate Critical Race Theory at an Illinois school board meeting: “How do I have two medical degrees if I’m sitting here oppressed?”

Following the medical emergency involving Denmark's player Christian Eriksen, a crisis meeting has taken place with both teams and match officials and further information will be communicated at 19:45 CET. The player has been transferred to the hospital and has been stabilised.

Fuck your wall. Split that 5 billion between at-risk children who don’t have lunches and vets who can’t get proper medical and psychological treatment. Fuck your vanity project. Do something good for once.

Republicans are refusing to pass a bill that has - free coronavirus testing - paid emergency medical leave - extended unemployment insurance - food assistance - help for health care workers. Call their offices, tell them to get their shit together and do it. Thanks.

It never ends! Now they are trying to say that your favorite President, me, went to medical center'>Walter Reed Medical Center, having suffered a series of mini-strokes. Never happened to THIS candidate - FAKE NEWS. Perhaps they are referring to another candidate from another Party!

I will be leaving the great medical center'>Walter Reed Medical Center today at 6:30 P.M. Feeling really good! Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life. We have developed, under the Trump Administration, some really great drugs & knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago!

Doctors, Nurses and ALL at the GREAT Walter Reed Medical Center, and others from likewise incredible institutions who have joined them, are AMAZING!!!Tremendous progress has been made over the last 6 months in fighting this PLAGUE. With their help, I am feeling well!

What America leads in: #1 : Covid-19 cases #1 : Medical debt #1 : Prescription drug prices #1 : Deaths from lack of insurance #1 : Student debt #1 : Prisoners#1 : Gun violence #1 : Military spending #1 : Trade deficit #1 : Billionaires We need to change our national priorities.

Please do not take medical advice from a man who looked directly at a solar eclipse.

It’s World Health Day, and we owe a profound debt of gratitude to all our medical professionals. They’re still giving their all for us every day, at great risk to themselves, and we can’t thank them enough for their bravery and their service.