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The Devil We Know. The sound of thunder lightning flashing, you want to hear about God the matador see how far the sword goes found Saddam in a hole, Hitler Jim Jones Charles Manson yelling, Evil Dictators' souls burning smashing in all places.

If we don't learn from the past, we are doomed to repeat it History shows Donald Trump, Charles Manson Jim Jones, Stalin, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini Saddam HusseinIdi Amin, among other things, had 1 thing n common: They all were great liars #Blogpost 

“We’re like day traders on the stock market, but with cattle,” says Jim Schwertner, CEO of Capitol Land & Livestock. In the face of the beef industry's uncertain future, the multimillion-dollar company uses a data-driven algorithm to drive success.

Minnetonka attorney Jim Schultz has won the GOP endorsement to challenge Democrat Keith Ellison for attorney general this fall. But first he must overcome a primary challenge by the party's 2018 candidate, Doug Wardlow.

Deputies with the Alamance County Sheriff’s Office responded to a report of theft of a diesel truck at a construction site on North Jim Minor Road on Saturday, May 21st.

Incoming Treasurer Jim Chalmers said almost out of control inflation was the major challenge facing the economy, and record budget deficits would constrain the new Labor government’s spending capacity.

We watched them all through history #PutinHitler  #SaddamHusseinOsamabinLaden  *JimJonesCharlesManson Why are you confused. The Devil said to the woman, “Did God really say, 'You can't eat from any tree in the garden'?”... Now the serpent was more crafty...


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CNN's Jim Acosta sets a trap for MTG— BACKFIRES immediately when the Congresswoman hits back. CNN left in stunned, shaking silence

The Biden family has spent decades in Washington, DC enriching themselves by selling access to Joe Biden's taxpayer funded office. Hunter Biden is corrupt. Jim Biden is corrupt. Joe Biden is corrupt. MUST WATCH!!!

It’s 4 years tomorrow that Astronaut Jim Halsell killed Jayla and Niomi James in his 2nd DUI without conviction. His lawyers have pushed the trial repeatedly to minimize media attention, don’t let them. Their parents Parnell and Latrice deserve justice. #justiceforjaylaandniomi 

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Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis: "I've never seen refugees as traumatized as coming out of Syria. It’s got to end." Number of Syrian refugees admitted to the United States: 2016: 15,479 2017: 3,024 2018: 11

Jim Jordan: No evidence of Trump colluding with Russia, but 'all kinds' showing Clinton campaign did

@CNN  has no sources on the Task Force. Their “sources” are made up, pure fiction! Jim Acosta is a Fake reporter!

Great job by Jim Jordan, and also some very good statements by Tony Fauci. Big progress being made!

News the White House pulled Jim ’s credentials is not an attack on one journalist but all of the press. There should be complete solidarity. This is a moment for any Republican who says they believe in the Constitution to stand up.