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In the weeks leading up to Trump's WH departure, there were discussions about how to retrieve material he had taken up to the residence, that needed to be properly stored. By then, the staff sec had left. Meadows told others he would take the matter on.

The Truckee Meadows Fire and Rescue responded to a structure fire in Cold Springs Monday evening, authorities say.

The City of Lone Tree says spots throughout the city are flooding, including Park Meadows Drive between Yosemite and Acres Green.

“The political people said that there’s no way they beat me.” X Who? RudyGiuliani SidneyPowell JohnEastman PeterNavarro Mark Meadows JefferyClark RStone SBannon Republican Senators… This was not a movie. Seven people died that day. The Devil We Know

#ColoradoSpringsFire is on scene of a #WorkingFire  AMR06,E4,T8,BC7,E14,T4,E3,BC2,HR17,73,E6,IC1 233 E ARVADA ST #114  MEADOWS POINTE Radio CMD4.CSFD STRUCTURE FIRE -

Mark Meadows to Ginni Thomas, “This is a fight of good versus evil. Evil always looks like the victor until the King of Kings triumphs. Don't grow weary in well doing The fight continues. I have staked my career on it” The Devil We Know


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BREAKING: CBS News and The Washington Post have obtained copies of numerous texts between Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas' wife, Ginni Thomas, and Pres. Trump's White House chief of staff meadows'>Mark Meadows about efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

“In one of her texts to Meadows, Thomas sent a dire message: “the most important thing you can realize right now is that there are no rules in war.” That text also said, “This war is psychological. PSYOP.” 1/

So Ginni Thomas was sending meadows'>Mark Meadows messages telling him Sidney Powell is on the job — and nobody thinks Ginni Thomas should testify? What are we doing? She’s a Supreme Court Justice’s wife. Come on.

Ginni Thomas urged meadows'>Mark Meadows to overturn the 2020 election by any means necessary—while her husband was ruling on cases attempting to overturn the election. A truly extraordinary level of corruption.

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Republican Members of Congress were texting meadows'>Mark Meadows before, during, and after the insurrection. None of this is privileged. All of it is damning. All of it must be exposed. And if he refuses to discuss it, he should answer for it.

Last week, meadows'>Mark Meadows informed @January6thCmte  he would not cooperate further – abandoning his duty to country. Tonight, the House voted him in contempt and referred him for criminal prosecution. We acted with urgency. The Justice Department must do the same.

meadows'>Mark Meadows is smart, loyal, and a true patriot. He’s a good man and my best friend! Couldn’t have picked anyone better for the job.

Sorry, Mr. Trump and Mr. Meadows. I was not part of any of the staff proffer sessions with Mr. Cohen. You really should be more careful about making or propagating false statements if you wish to condemn Cohen and others. I’m sure it was unintentional....

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1. meadows'>Mark Meadows owes Barack Obama an apology. 2. He should unequivocally condemn his past statements. 3. If you wonder how Trump got elected, watch this video. The ignorance and racism contained in the question, the audience laughter and the candidates’ response is horrifying.