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@elonmusk  @TwitterThis  doesn’t make any sense. Their figures are MAUs not all users listed on the service. And that’s about *logins*, *posts* and *likes*, not whether someone has created an account. Genuinely this doesn’t make any sense.

@MollyJongFast  This is the best part: “It’s time to take away Disney’s special privileges and open up a new era of creativity and innovation.” I hear the introduction of maus'>Mickey Maus is going to be creative and innovative.

A public library in Nashville is encouraging readers to pick up banned books as part of a campaign fighting against recent restrictions placed on novels like “Maus” and “Walk Two Moons." >>>

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The initiative was devised in response to the fact that GOP state lawmakers have targeted several books for bans in public school districts, including 'Maus,' a Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the Holocaust, and several Harry Potter books.

$RSI - @InteractiveRush  Rush Street Announces Q1 2022 Results Revenue = $134.9M Net Loss = ($52.3M) Adj EBITDA = ($43.4M) Cash = $232.2M 150,000 MAUs $265 Average Revenue per MAU Increases full year 2022 revenue guidance to $600M - $650M

maus'>Chrissie Maus: 'My interest in two white mediocre men is similar to that of cleaning out my sock drawer.'

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Paramount reports 62M global streaming subscribers in Q1, up 6.3M over Q4; Paramount+ added 6.8M subscribers for a total of ~40M; Pluto TV has ~68M MAUs@georgszalai  / The Hollywood Reporter)

Twitter has ~300M MAUs. @elonmusk  has ~90M followers. So basically 1 in every 3 twitter users is an Elon follower. When he does a poll on Twitter, although there’s still some selection bias, it’s hard to argue its result is not representative of “the people of Twitter”.

Robinhood reports Q1 revenue of $299M, down 43% YoY, vs. $355.8M est., net loss of $392M, MAUs of 15.9M, down from 17.7M YoY; stock drops 8%+ @jesserpound  / CNBC)

$HOOD Robinhood Markets reports Q1 results, misses on revs, MAUs down 10%; does not provide Q2 revenue guidance, lowers FY22 operating expense guidance due to workforce reduction


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A Tennessee school board barred schools from teaching Maus – a beloved graphic novel about the Holocaust – in an unanimous vote the day before Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Knoxville comic book store giving students free copies of Maus, award-winning Holocaust book

Art Spiegelman reacts to Whoopi Goldberg's suspension from "The View" for saying the Holocaust was "not about race" while defending his book "Maus." "Us Jews have become honorary white in this moment, and that allowed her to get a bit confused about where the issues really are."

Art Spiegelman just sent this in response to the Tennessee school board banning Maus

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Art Spiegelman, ‘Maus’ author, sees Tennessee school ban of the book as a "red alert" - "part of a continuum" and an alarming "harbinger of things to come."

Comic book store owner to ship “Maus” free to anyone who asks in Tenn. district where it’s banned

It won the Pulitzer. It's a graphic novel. About the Holocaust. And about the writer's parents, one who survived Auschwitz, the other who killed herself. A Tennessee school board voted 10-0 to ban "Maus"

Art Spiegelman@spiegelman6_art ) on his graphic novel "Maus," which depicts the horrors of The Holocaust, being banned: "The school board is stupid, but I don't know that they're Nazis. I just know that they're stupid, the people that banned this." #TheReidOut  #reiders 

UPDATE: The McMinn County Tennessee school board defends its decision to ban Maus from the classroom. "We simply do not believe that this work is an appropriate text for our students to study" They claim the decision "reflect[s] the values of the community"

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MISSING: Frisco PD looking for Elijah Horn-Cruz, 12. Last seen at Maus Middle School in Frisco. Contact 972-292-6133.

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