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#FlashbackFriday  Shortly before “adopting” Nestor, at a retreat paid for by the Florida GOP, Matt Gaetz became drunk & unruly, and tried to bribe a desk clerk to let him into the hotel room of a Rep. Jose Oliva late at night because Gaetz wanted a cigar.

On the heels of a primary night that saw 2 House members lose their primaries comes news that matt gaetz'>Rep Matt Gaetz will endorse a primary opponent of Rep Ross Spano, a fellow Florida Republican. Spano is under investigation for campaign finance violations.

The HBO doc looks at a trio of Republican Congressmen, including Florida's Matt Gaetz, navigating the realities of Washington while professing to help Donald Trump "drain the swamp." Read THR's TV review:

By arguing this is a bipartisan issue, HBO's new doc #TheSwamp  pushes talking points that will make it harder, not easier, to fix our multiple, overlapping political catastrophes, writes @nberlat . Matt Gaetz isn't going to get us out of this muck:

Matt Gaetz, Ken Buck and Thomas Massie star in HBO's documentary 'The Swamp'

How Matt Gaetz makes HBO's documentary 'The Swamp' more interesting, and more maddening

From media critic @goodyk : "How Matt Gaetz makes HBO's documentary 'The Swamp' more interesting, and more maddening." (via @azcentral )

Review: "The Swamp" looks at political reform through the eyes of an unlikely hero: Rep. Matt Gaetz

@HBO ’s ‘The Swamp’ exposes just how much matt gaetz'>Republican Matt Gaetz kisses Trump’s butt, from getting matching orders to giving progress reports on pushing the Trump line


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Forget politics for a moment. Forget about impeachment. Matt Gaetz's exploitation and mockery of Hunter Biden's struggle with addiction should make all of us -- as parents, as people -- ask: Where is his humanity?

Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida is one of the finest and most talented people in Congress. Strong on Crime, the Border, Illegal Immigration, the 2nd Amendment, our great Military & Vets, Matt worked tirelessly on helping to get our Massive Tax Cuts. He has my Full Endorsement!

Playbook PM: NEW … PRESIDENT TRUMP is going to Camp David this weekend. Here’s who is going with him: KEVIN MCCARTHY, MARK MEADOWS and GOP Reps. DAN CRENSHAW (Texas), MATT GAETZ (Fla.), DEVIN NUNES (Calif.), JIM JORDAN (Ohio), ELISE STEFANIK (N.Y.) and LEE ZELDIN (N.Y.).

I left the house for 30 minutes and suddenly Matt Gaetz has a son? Can someone explain?

Asked Pelosi if she thinks Trump should be tested after his interactions with Doug Collins and Matt Gaetz. Pelosi: “Tested for what?” me: coronavirus Pelosi: “Oh, I thought he should be tested for a long time now.” And she walked off

Matt Gaetz thought it would be funny to wear a giant gas mask on the House floor to mock the panic over the coronavirus pandemic. Now one of his own constituents has died. Idiots like this have no business taking up space in jobs meant for public servants.

. is making sure that Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz who tried to silence him and other Parkland parents in a hearing on gun violence is not re-elected

Resident dies in Rep. Matt Gaetz’s district, days after congressman made light of epidemic with massive gas mask

I’ve always thought telling my children I served with civil rights icons like John Lewis & Elijah Cummings would be the highlight of my time in Congress. But now, I can share the time Matt Gaetz, Louie Gohhmert, & Steve King sat in an air-conditioned SCIF and ate pizza for 5 hrs.

NEW — Matt Gaetz is under investigation by the Florida State Bar over his Michael Cohen threat. With @lachlan