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The history geek and genealogist who has a masters degree in Applied Business Economics hosts a TikTok series called “Today in History,” and for Sept. 21, 2021, she decided to talk about facts that could not be contested: numbers. READ:

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In dark foreign influence ops, time to take down chess masters as well as pawns

Russian media in full Masters of the Universe mode: US weak and clueless about Russian military supremacy, Europe scared, useless and paralyzed, Stoltenberg's an idiot, etc. I'll be polite and say just, I guess there are different cultural norms.

Japan’s Hideki Matsuyama back in world golf’s top 10 Masters champion surged nine placed after dramatic victory at the Sony Open #Japan  #hidekimatsuyama  #Golf 

"But what does it say about accountability that the chair of a Swiss bank has been held to a higher standard than the sitting UK prime minister?" - masters'>Brooke Masters, @FT 

This is what I then wrote: "We shall have, like in tennis, a league of robots, controlled by their international kleptocratic pay-masters. They will play only in selected countries (four in the case of tennis, perhaps three or four in football), in selected stadiums,

Masters of our own destiny:’ Shelton officials say $5M bank loan will save city cash

I’m in Georgia and there’s snow on the ground but that Masters piano music just melted it all

After a technology-drenched 2021, buyers are likely craving the touch of the old masters at auction.


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Lee Elder has died at the age of 87. Elder was the first Black golfer to compete in the Masters Tournament.

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Meet Winsome Sears, Virginia’s new Lieutenant Governor. She is a black woman who immigrated from Jamaica, served in the Marines, has a Masters degree, ran a women’s homeless shelter, raised 3 kids— and now she has made history.

Heard from my friend @RedPillBlack  that she got banned from @Twitter  for simply telling the people of #Michigan  they should go to work. If the masters'>Social Media Masters ban you for that w/o an explanation, imagine what they’ll do to try to influence the election given their politics!

Following Hideki Matsuyama's Masters win, his caddie, Shota Hayafuji, bowed to the course after returning the pin on the 18th hole. #themasters 

An all-time Masters moment. Jack Nicklaus' grandson, Gary, makes an ace during the Par 3 Contest. ?

History for Hideki! ? Matsuyama wins the Masters and becomes Japan’s first men’s major champion. ??

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If the Joe & Hunter Biden corruption story that just broke isn’t true why won’t the Biden campaign just come out and say he never took the meeting? Why did he call a lid at 9 AM? I guess they correctly assume the media and the social media masters will just cover it up for them!

Biden evades “Court Packing” question. @FoxNews  Because his puppet masters are willing to destroy the U.S. Supreme Court. Don’t let this, and so many other really bad things, happen. VOTE!

(Keep thinking: I’ve a Masters in Public Health; wrote my doctoral dissertation on global efforts to tackle AIDS pandemic; co-authored a book on global health governance; teach MPH courses on health systems & global health & I’m not qualified to lead a national #covid19  effort.)