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Lancashire Police have explained why they were seen searching the River Wyre near where Nicola Bulley's body was found

For decades, the River Seine has been too dirty for people — and most fish — to swim in. That's changing due to a costly and complex cleanup effort aimed at resuscitating the Seine just in time for it to play a starring role in the 2024 Paris Olympics.

Police divers have returned to the river where mother-of-two Nicola Bulley vanished

#India's First Underwater Metro Train Inches Closer to Reality in #Kolkata ; Trial Soon in Hooghly River.

In the shifting reaches of Assam’s great Brahmaputra river, everything seems possible

RT @AP_Climate : Eloor, a small island on the Periyar River in southern India, was once a rich farmland and teeming with fish. Now, a stench…

Fancy a dip? An Olympic reboot for Paris' toxic River Seine

The Phoenix Fire Department said there were two adults in the river near 19th Avenue and Broadway Road. Rescue crews have yet to find them.

As the record amounts of rain and snow from more than a dozen atmospheric river storms have pulled most areas of California out of the drought, water officials in the Santa Clara Valley are re-evaluating their drought emergency condition.

River otters returned to a Superfund site in Washington State. But the site is still toxic—and now, so are the otters, Carin Leong reports for @hakaimagazine :


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TIL that as the CO river dries up, AZ is leasing its largest underground aquifer to the Saudis, who are growing water-intensive alfalfa, which is then shipped back to S.A. to feed cattle. Market rate for the lease is $5 million/yr. Saudis pay $86K.

Cry me a river, Jeff Bezos lost out on a space contract so now Senate inserts a Bezos bailout provision for $10 billion for his space company?? Isn’t there some remnant of decency in Congress to oppose bailouts for billionaires?

We are delighted to confirm that we have completed the signing of Julian Alvarez from River Plate ✍️ ⬇️ DETAILS ⬇️

Julián Álvarez to Manchester City from River Plate, done deal and here we go! Agreement confirmed as expected last week. €18.5m fee to River with bonuses/taxes. Julián will sign for five years. 🕷 AR#MCFC  Deal now sealed - Álvarez will remain at River Plate on loan until July.

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Wildlife photographer captures adorable moment when a river otter decided to slide down a snowy hill at Yellowstone.

What a unique friendship! Chinese netizen shared videos showing every morning the neighbor's ducks come to his door and call for their friends, then all 11 ducks go to the river together. ???

Cincinnati !! What a beautiful venue for tonight’s gig ! Perfect weather , on the river . Oh it’s gona be great

These heroes will do ANYTHING - jump in an icy river, break into a car, form a human chain - to save a dog’s life ? ??

Border Patrol took us to the border itself, including a boat patrol of the Rio Grande River. We saw Mexican government authorities patrolling. Border Patrol told us this was a direct result of the Trump Administration’s efforts to work with Mexico.