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Yes, China is going to spy on the Olympic athletes. Its mandatory app is just the tip of the iceberg.

A group of families of medically disabled children filed a lawsuit against the school district on Thursday, in response to the school board reversing its mandatory mask mandate in early January.

From Thursday, Face masks and Covid passes will no longer be mandatory across England. As we learn to live with Covid, a new study with @NIHRCRN_SWPen  has given you a chance to help develop new Antiviral treatments against Covid-19. To play a part, visit:

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ICYMI: Demonstrators marched in D.C. to protest #Covid19  vaccination measures on Sunday. Organizers of “Defeat the Mandates” said they do not oppose the jabs, but rather mandatory vaccinations rules and restrictions

FR#France 's mandatory#VaccinePass  💉 comes into effect today, requiring all over 16 to provide proof of vaccination in public spaces. FRANCE 24's @emeraldmaxwell  reports from the streets of Paris ⤵️

During this pandemic, “medical freedom” & Christian nationalism have coalesced into a mainstream anti-vaxx movement that poses a threat to public health in the USA that will be broader than COVID-19 if it disrupts mandatory immunizations in our schools.

Military Ordinary Bishop Oscar Jaime Florencio is in favor of having mandatory military service for the youth.

Michigan school district makes masks mandatory after community vote

▶️ France's mandatoryCovid-19 vaccine pass goes into effect

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Call to axe mandatory vaccines for frontline staff amid ‘paralysing’ need


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Deeply depressing - our attempt to remove the provisions for mandatoryVoter ID have been defeated - so Government succeeds in making it harder for already disenfranchised communities to vote - a “solution” for a problem (voter fraud) that doesn’t exist #ElectionsBill 

A Māori politician in New Zealand who was thrown out of Parliament for not wearing a Western tie was allowed back, after uproar. Ties are no longer mandatory. Rawiri Waititi called ties a "colonial noose" and a product of racist systems designed to subjugate Indigenous people.

A registered nurse who resigned from her job over mandatory vaccine requirement. "I was no problem working in the healthcare system over the last 18 months, without a vaccine, but now, all of a sudden, I'm a threat to public health?" More:

I'll admit that I kind of lost track of this, but I was genuinely surprised to learn in the last few days that Americans can just fly to Mexico and then fly right back with no mandatory quarantine in the midst of a once-in-a-century global pandemic.

Kamala Harris: I support a mandatory gun buyback to take AR-15s off the streets. Mandatory buybacks is just a deceptive way of saying confiscation. Joe and Kamala will dismantle the Second Amendment.

"A mandatory buyback isn't a buyback – it's seizure." –Tucker Carlson He is 100% correct!

Official says masks will still not be mandatory at the White House, even after president tested positive for the virus. The official described facial coverings as “a personal choice,” despite overwhelming evidence that they help stop spread of virus.

Amazon -- the richest corporation in the world, which paid almost no taxes last year -- is offering UNPAID time off for workers who are sick and just 2 weeks paid leave for workers who test positive for the virus. Meanwhile, it demands mandatory overtime. Shame on Jeff Bezos.

CA is issuing a statewide, mandatory STAY AT HOME order. Those that work in critical sectors should go to work. Grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and more will stay open. We need to meet this moment and flatten the curve together. Go to to learn more.

MANDATORY LISTEN!!!! @KillerMike  always on point! So passionate and smart(knowledgeable) as hell!! Man I love you G! Salute ✊?✊?✊?