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Also check out the end notes if you're looking for further engagement. I put a lot of nuance in there that couldn't get into the main article. If you're looking for further reading see MacIntyre’s take on all secular justice theories.

#AAFPNC In less than an hour will be the Saturday Main Stage Session with this fabulous group of Family Physicians (and me), Storytelling on Personal Doctoring, Community Engagement, Social Justice, and more! Don't be late (11am Eastern Time) @aafp  #FMrevolution 

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'Racism kills': hundreds protest after Black actor shot dead in Lisbon: Hundreds of anti-racism protesters took over one of Lisbon's main squares on Friday to demand justice for Bruno Cande, a Black actor shot dead in a busy street last weekend.

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Highlights from #njsst  Night 4” (July 31st) Watch full matches on #njpwworld ! Main event time! Can justice reign? Or will the King indeed make a public execution a reality? @suzuki_D_minoru  🆚 @nagata769  is NOW! WATCH NOW▶︎ #njpw 

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich said he'd prefer to keep his reasons for standing during the National Anthem tonight private. "I reacted the way I wanted to." Also praised the league's main emphasis in Orlando to keep the momentum going for Black Lives Matter & racial justice

#AAFPNC Don't forget the Saturday Main Stage session at 10am Central Time: Family Medicine: Contemporary Stories of Personal Doctoring, Community Engagement and Social Justice @aafp  #FMRevolution 

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“It’s a wonderful gesture… but that is not the main point.”  @Channing_Frye  & @realtuffjuice  discuss how players' jersey messages should spark further conversations and action towards social justice #HomeCourt 

Hey #AAFPNC  - Preview Saturday morning's fabulous Family Medicine Main Stage Panel Session on Storytelling with my chat right here with our friend @reneecrichlowMD  talking on Family Medicine and Social Justice @MNFamilyDocs  #FM4MN  #FMRevolution  @OhioAFP 

"Democrats' official platform will call for universal health care, clean energy investments & recasting of the criminal justice system, but steer away from many of progressive wing's main policy proposals, a draft of the document showed." What are the key things missing to you?


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Mitch McConnell and President Trump are packing the courts with corporate lobbyists' hand-picked judges that put their thumbs on the scale of justice in favor of ❌corporations over workers ❌insurance companies over patients ❌Wall Street over main street #CapturedCourts 

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders are on the ballot in Wisconsin today. But the main event is the State Supreme Court race between the conservative incumbent justice, Daniel Kelly, and a liberal challenger, Jill Karofsky.

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5. ...that Main Justice not manage line prosecutors when the latter act in ways that are widely criticized as excessive and unjust.

Justice Scalia on criminalizing flag burning: “That was the main kind of speech that tyrants seek to suppress.”

"A move to bring department headquarters — 'Main Justice' as its widely known — deeper into the Giuliani probe is causing heartburn at SDNY" Yeah, I wonder why.

Brett Kavanaugh is wholly unsuited to be a Supreme Court justice, not because he was a very nasty teenager but because he is a very nasty, and injudicious, 53-year-old, with no capacity to rise above party politics, which is – after all – a main point of the Supreme Court.

"Every single person in the Justice Department — from your Main Justice headquarters staff all the way to the night-shift jailer — knew that this man was a suicide risk, and that his dark secrets couldn’t be allowed to die with him."

Deputy AG Jeffrey Rosen said hush money probe “was handled by experienced prosecutors.” But when asked by @evanperez  if officials at main Justice played a role and if DOJ policy that POTUS can’t be indicted was a factor, Rosen said: “I don’t have anything to add.”

The main message of the IG report is that President Trump is lying about the Justice Department and FBI.

first phase of a classic coup d'etat. main general and justice department sidelined. only possible response is mass street protest