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#BREAKING : A 6.1-magnitude earthquake jolted 8 km E of Sullana#Peru  with a depth of 33.18 km, the U.S. Geological Survey said.

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"While it's important to have the White House and President out front in a national emergency of this magnitude, it's likely the near total White House domination of the response is widening the unhelpful political divides," writes @maggiemfox  | Analysis

NEW: A magnitude 6.1 earthquake shook the north Pacific coast of Peru on Friday, sending people fleeing their homes and damaging a centuries old church.

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The Alaska Earthquake Center said on its website that it was the largest quake in the U.S. since a magnitude 8.7 quake in the Aleutians in 1965.

An 8.2 magnitude earthquake that struck the coast of Alaska triggered a tsunami watch in Hawaii - with a warning that waves may even be felt as far away as Australia

The 8.2-magnitude earthquake that erupted between the Alaska Peninsula and the Aleutian Trench Wednesday night was the strongest U.S. earthquake in 50 years.

The quake was followed by over 25 aftershocks in the region, with two around magnitude 6.0.

Tsunami warnings were lifted for Alaska and the rest of Pacific after a huge earthquake of 8.2 magnitude struck the US state

Tsunami Warning Prompts Evacuation After Powerful 8.2-MagnitudeEarthquake Hits Alaska - Videos

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6 cases out of 7 million people. What a disaster. This is going to get people killed. And it's going to create more vaccine hesitancy. These people don't understand cost-benefit analysis. They keep making mistakes by orders of magnitude.

BREAKING: Magnitude 7.1 quake measuring upper 6 on Japanese scale hits Miyagi, Fukushima prefectures in northeastern Japan. There is no possibility of tsunami.

sometimes gets obscured in talk about political effects, but Jan 6 insurrection was a crime of enormous magnitude against the people of the United States

Democrats have compromised. Repeatedly, we have made clear to the Trump Admin that we are willing to come down $1 trillion if they will come up $1 trillion. However, it is clear that the Admin still does not grasp the magnitude of the problems that American families are facing.

...caused over so many years. Any attack by Iran, in any form, against the United States will be met with an attack on Iran that will be 1,000 times greater in magnitude!

Dear Readers, The magnitude of misinformation spreading in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic is overwhelming our small team. We’re seeing scores of people, in a rush to find any comfort, make things worse as they share (sometimes dangerous) misinformation.

We’re not going to allow Trump to withhold relief funds from states that protect immigrant families. That he would even try to extort states by using vulnerable people as leverage during a crisis of this magnitude confirms what we’ve known all along: The cruelty is the point.

Stop calling Fox "news." Stop comparing it to any other network. There has never been a fraud of this magnitude in the history of TV or news. It endangers the lives of its viewers willfully for money & to please @realDonaldTrump  .

The nonpartisan Government Accountability Office has found the Trump Administration broke the law by withholding military aid from Ukraine. Trump’s willingness to break the law to coerce Ukraine to help him cheat in the next election shows the magnitude of his abuse of power.

Iran, today. - Fired missiles at US base in Iraq - Threatened to strike locations in Israel and the UAE - Qassem Soleimani buried - Ukrainian Boeing 737 with 180 passengers crashes near Tehran - 4.9 magnitude earthquake in country's southwestern region